Covertly Esperific (summerwolf) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Covertly Esperific

Hi, new member. I normally just lurk in communities, but I'm too giddy NOT to try a post with this one, so smitten with TEH FMA am I. It's honestly one of the freshest anime/manga/game stories and characters that I've seen a while (and I've seen quite a few), and I haven't been this head over heels for a long time.


First thing is, I must confess I have not the privilege to gain as much of this series that I would wish. My ISP is inherently stupid, so I can't dl any episodes other than the ones I have on DVD (1-14, direct from Japan. I went there a few weeks ago). My local Japanese bookstore is also inherently stupid, so I can't get any more than vol 2 and 3 even though I know the language somewhat. And yet, I am too smitten to refrain from jumping into communities. Don't kill me, please. ;_;

Second thing is, I'm at the moment a near-total convert to the churches of Ed, Al, Roy and Lisa, though not necessarily together. =3 (And is there anyone who's not at least a fan of Ed OR Roy?)

Third thing is, I shunned the series for a long time, because it felt so generic to me when I read previews of it. So utterly boring and predictable. And the art isn't even that interesting in those mags and articles. How totally and utterly wrong I am. I beg forgiveness, pweese? XD;;;

So, um, hi. Lengthy introduction post. Don't kill me. ^^;;;
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