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Fanfiction: Sick-Day // Ed x Roy

Authors: opposingangels and lackofpotential
Genre: Yaoi, Romance.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Summary: Roy's taking a sick-day on the day Ed's hunting for confessions.
Warnings: Older Ed. Bad mouth.
Archive: Yes. Let us know where it's going.
Word Count: 4241
Crossposted: opposingangels, fma_fiction, fma_yaoi and fm_alchemist.

Ed was looking for Colonel Mustang.

The Fullmetal Alchemist did not walk. He did not sidle. He did not prance. He did not float. He did not run. Ed stomped his way around. That was how he got into Central that evening. He walked right in with one boot thudding lightly and the other stomping as he marched towards the office of one Colonel Roy Mustang. However, glancing around the corner, Edward Elric noticed an abnormality. The door to the Colonel's office stood wide open and the Fullmetal Alchemist could see Hawkeye diligently at work at her desk. However, Roy Mustang was missing.

The blonde stepped forward, boots clicking on the linoleum and paused. Hawkeye looked up from her desk and smiled slowly, "He's sick today, Edward-kun. I'd be happy to take your report-"

"No, that's okay. I'll go find him. Thanks, bye," Edward rambled as he took off. He'd followed the Colonel's instructions to the letter. He had gotten twelve hours of sleep and then gone down to the cafeteria and stuffed himself silly. Painkillers had followed that, damn it that had been a new activity, and then the alchemist had passed out into sleep again.

And, now the bastard was avoiding him. It would be just like him to fake sick so that he wouldn't have to explain himself. Edward skidded to a halt around a corner and felt an embarrassed redness creep across his cheeks. There were other ways than that to distract a person from a crazed work-drive. Not that... that way... hadn't been pleasant.

By the time Ed arrived at the Colonel's apartment, he was twitching with a nervous anticipation that was part embarrassment and part determination. He waited a moment, a metal hand hovering above the wood of the door, before he slammed it into the wood. The banging was continued, speeding up before he gave the door a good kick.

"Open up! I know you're in there!" Ed growled.

There was a shifting from inside the apartment and a crash. It was followed by a low curse and then Ed heard a lock clicking as the door was opened slowly. Ed shoved his foot in the crack as he saw the Colonel fight to slam the door shut again.

“Itai-tai-taitai!” he hollered as he shoved at the door. “Open it up! That hurts!”

Finally, there was a sigh and the door opened the rest of the way. Edward quickly moved through it and then shut it behind him, leaning against it and blocking the only exit with practiced ease.

"I did what you told me," he said simply, gloved hands squeezing into fists. "Now I'm here."

"For the heartfelt explanation?" Roy asked softly. He moved over towards a cabinet and poured himself a drink of something that smelled awful to Ed's nostrils. The Colonel looked tired and Ed could smell a hint of something on him that indicated he hadn't quite followed his own instructions to the letter. Ed could smell something that smelled like himself.

"No, for a normal explanation," Ed shrugged. He saw that the other man didn't look like he was about to escape and crawled into the nearest chair, folding his arms together as he waited. Roy looked him up and down and then looked away for a moment.

"I owe you an apology," he said slowly. The words were out of character and hung uneasily in the air as a charcoal look was sent in Ed's direction. Roy ran a hand through his hair, fingers tugging at short strands and shook his head. He looked distinctly uncomfortable, though he was covering it up well with an air of quiet dignity.

"For what?" Edward snorted. He rolled his eyes and tapped gloved fingers calmly on the inside of his other elbow. Suddenly, the room felt too small and the air too thin. This should not be this complicated. A lip was gently bitten, the skin worried, and Ed continued watching Roy with a smoldering look, waiting for the other man to continue. "For what we did? I'm not a child anymore Roy and you'd better-"


Edward halted for a moment, "Did you just sneeze?"

Roy looked up, holding a tissue between his fingers and then blowing into it. Edward looked at the Colonel once more. His face was slightly green, his eyes had dark circles around them and his nose was puffy and red. Edward glared and pointed at him accusingly, "You're sick!"

A smirk crossed pale features once more and Roy collected himself with a smug dignity, "I was apologizing for the fact that I most likely gave you a cold. Feeling feverish, Fullmetal? Whatever did you think I would be apologizing for?"

"You... you- argh... I give up," the Fullmetal Alchemist swore and any other insult was cut off by another annoyed growl. He moved around the apartment room quickly, turning on lights in an annoyed fashion while Roy leaned back on the couch and watched with mild amusement.

"Firstly, if you're sick you shouldn't be sitting alone by yourself in the dark," Edward intoned. He finished with the last lamp, feeling the metal rub against his glove in an eerie fashion as he twisted the knob, and then took off his coat, setting it on the nearest piece of furniture.

"Ah, have you come to be my nursemaid, Fullmetal?" Roy shrugged, closing his eyes as he blew into the tissue once more.

"Bastard," Ed hissed as he moved to make the bed. A nervous, gloved hand smoothed out the sheets quickly and Ed took a breath, straightening up. "You know why I'm here."

"The heart-felt talk," Roy shrugged, tossing the tissue in the general direction. "I expected more from you Fullmetal."

"Oh, was I supposed to obey the 'guys never call in the morning' rule?" Ed laughed as he shoved a pillow towards the head of the bed and then stomped back into the living quarters, heading straight for the kitchen. A moment later, water was boiling and soon a kettle hissed. Ed took the water and quickly poured too cups, tea bags applied respectively, before moving back into the kitchen to face a sniffling Roy Mustang.

"There's a rule for that? I need to keep up on these things," Mustang sighed as he took a cup. There was a grunt of thanks that broke the silence and Ed slipped into another chair.

"Was I any good?"

Mustang spluttered slightly, tea hitting the carpet as he choked. The man pulled himself together quickly, wiping his face on the hem of a white shirt as he stared at Ed in amazement, "Pardon?"

"In bed. Was I any good in bed? I wouldn't know. I was a virgin."

Roy stared at him blankly before cursing under his breath slightly, "I assumed you were tight because it had been a while." The man was breathing slightly harder and, though the red flush could have been blamed on fever, Ed knew differently.

"Ah, never assume," Ed said. He took a sip of the tea and smirked. Roy Mustang... was looking slightly undone. "Was it good to be in an untouched body?"

Roy took another sip, fighting to regain his composure and stared up at golden eyes, "Are you baiting me?"

"Yes," Ed said honestly. He set the tea down and placed his elbows on his knees, leaning his chin against his hands.

"I'm not..." Roy said slowly. "Just in case that's what you're thinking." He looked nervous for a moment, staring at the other man for a second before sneezing into the handkerchief again.

Ed snorted slightly and tossed his braid back with an exaggerated motion of the head. The room was still slightly dimmed and the lamps lit up Roy's form. Ed laughed and shook his head, "I'm not asking for wedding vows. I just need to know why before I decide what to do about it."

"You... needed something," Roy said slowly.

"Never said I didn't," Ed shrugged, taking another sip of tea. His gloves felt sensitive against his human hand and he could feel the warmth from the cup vibrating through the fabric. "I need to know why you did it."

"I..." Roy stared, but it was too late. Ed's eyes flashed for a moment and he moved, stepping over towards mustang and then, grabbing the cup of tea. The cup was set gently on the coffee table and then Roy jerked in surprise as a warm body settled into his lap. Kisses were warming their way up the side of his jaw and gloves were teasing the muscles along his neck and shoulder. A nip. A kiss. A lick.

"Now, tell me why..." Ed whispered, blowing softly on the saliva that law against warm skin. Roy shivered.

"I wanted you," Roy hissed. "It was a moment of weakness."

"Too late now. Now I know," Ed snarled back and laughed, tongue flicking out to lick at an earlobe before moving to bite at the tip. There was another playful kiss and Roy was gone. Ed was fire. He squirmed in the older man's lap and Roy was kept silent only by the lips on his, swallowing his whimper.

Roy shivered slightly and wondered if it was the fever. Ed's body was warm, even against his clothes, and the boy was pressing hard against him. The kisses were strong and never in the same place. They darted over his skin and teased mercilessly; each stroke of his tongue was an intimate sensation.

The room was light, but it was a fake light and it cast eerie shadows across Ed's face. This was not a child. Roy reached his hand up and traced a scar that ran along the side of his neck and sighed, leaning forward to kiss it and waiting for the sharp intake of breath that accompanied it.

"We shouldn't be doing this. It should have been a one-time thing. I did it for you," Roy mumbled against Ed's skin and Ed pulled the glove from his human arm, tangling his fingers into the Flame Alchemist's hair.

"No, you did it for you," Ed said slowly and the kisses were deeper. They were more passionate. Tongues fought for dominance and Roy felt Ed's teeth press, bruising, against his. There was the sharp, copper tang of blood and Roy sighed. Hands reached around and kneaded themselves into red fabric as Roy sighed, "Alright. Fine. I want you. Happy now?"

"Very," Ed mumbled. He fumbled with the buttons on the shirt and growled slightly as one refused to come undone. "But, now it's my turn."

"Your turn?" Roy asked. His eyes were clouded and he couldn't think straight. A combination of sleepiness, sickness and lust was making it hard to contemplate the meaning of words. The alchemist settled for burying his hands into the depth of Ed's jacket. There were more kisses and Roy was startled for a moment to find himself letting Ed press him to the floor, moving so that his back was against the carpeting. Dark eyes opened in sudden realization and he stared at Ed, open-mouthed.

"I'm going to fuck you," Ed said with an annoyed look. This made perfect sense to him, what didn't the Colonel get? Fair was fair. Did he expect him to bottom every time? That was ridiculous. It was his turn. Ed shrugged and leaned upward, capturing the Colonel's lips roughly. He felt the kiss returned slowly, heat brushing against him as Ed spread his legs to wrap them around the Colonel's thighs. "Taisa..."

"Bedroom. Left side of the bed. Drawer. Go," Roy choked out and Ed nodded once. There was coldness against him and Roy kept his eyes closed until the heat returned, warmth settling over his body as the retrieved item was set slightly to the side. Back to the job at hand. Teeth nipped in the hollow of a throat and Roy growled slightly at their presence. An amused chuckle was heard from overhead and Roy's eyes snapped open.

"Don't look so smug," the dark-haired man snapped. "As far as I'm concerned, you aren't nearly big enough of a man for this task." The smirk had returned and Ed saw red. His coat was discarded and he latched onto Roy's lips. That bruising kiss had returned and it was good. The Flame Alchemist pushed back and felt the heat returned as he pushed his hands under the black tank top.

The black vest had been discarded and a moment later, Roy's shirt lay haphazardly on top of a lamp. Ed's fingers worked deftly, slipping into the hem of blue pants and Roy gasped. The sound was stifled and he dug his fingers into the carpet. The whisper was hoarse as he looked upwards "Why are you stopping?"

"I like to watch you," Ed smirked as he leaned down and placed a warm, open-mouthed kiss at the fabric that covered the bulge between the taisa's legs. Roy arched upward, a keening moan leaving his lips. Again, the sound was silenced and again, Ed licked at the fabric. He felt his spit soak into the cloth and heard another moan as he flicked his tongue. "You're moving for me."

Kiss. There was more licking and the soft sounds of suction and Roy spread his legs further apart. A mechanical arm was hissing softly and Roy realized he could hear it, for the first time, now that it was so silent. The sound of 'roaring bearings' wasn't there but there was a definite hum as he held his breath. Ed's hands traced over the button to his pants and undid it slowly. The zipper being tugged down became the next most audible thing in the room and Roy watched.

Then, pants were being slid down slim hips and tugged unceremoniously from around his ankles. Ed smirked and a 'heh' left his lips as he stared down at Roy's body, "No underwear, eh?"

"Shut up and get back to what you were doing," Roy growled, diving his fingers into Ed's hair. Ed nodded and took the hint quickly, bending his head to lick at the inside of a thigh. This was good. The taste, the smell, the rush. A sigh left the blonde's lips as he licked at Roy, his body twisting for better purchase between the older man's legs.

This was a distraction, if anything. A momentary reprieve from a fruitless search and Ed embraced it whole-heartedly. He moved, sucking at the head of Roy's cock and heard the answering sigh. It was soft and muffled by the gloved hand that Roy had shoved into his mouth, but Ed still heard it. Honey-colored tresses rubbed against pale thighs and Ed licked, sucked, and kissed. He nipped at the inner sides of thighs and rained kisses down hard skin.

Roy was gone. He rocked forward and sputtered curses, "Dammit. Stop teasing me." The Fullmetal Alchemist simply smiled before he leaned forward and pulled Roy's cock into his mouth. Determined lips sucked and Roy was lost to heat. It was so warm and he stroked the head that had buried itself between his legs, tracing the tip of an ear. Then, Edward began to move. His head bobbed slightly, using a graceful motion as he kept his balance with one hand. Roy bit into the hand that was silencing his sounds.

Again, Edward still heard it. Hand fumbled for something and caught it, even as Roy tightened his grip in his hair to an almost painful hold. The cap was popped with a finger and one hand slowly spread the contents on the other before spreading Roy's legs wider.

Ah, here it came. There was something about it. Normally, Roy would have had Ed on all fours begging for it in two seconds flat. Nevertheless, why not? It was about distractions and, at this point, a distraction would be welcome.

There it was. Fingers gently nudging against his entrance and encouraging to relax. They were accompanied by another fierce suck and a gentle lick and Roy gasped. A human finger eased in and Roy squirmed at the feeling. It was... odd. Now, he knew how his male lovers had felt. The control that had to be given, the power that had to be turned over... it made this difficult.

"Shhh," was mumbled as Edward pulled away to give his jaw a moment's respite. Now bare, metal fingers were gracing his thighs and Roy sighed. Legs were being lifted for better access and that finger was still probing, moving in and out of his body with a gentleness that Roy was surprised by. For all his tenacity, Ed could be tactful.

The finger moved inside of him, touching something and he screamed. Another finger was added quickly and Roy could feel a tongue licking at his chest. There was a kiss circled his belly button. This was maddening. Then, Roy opened his eyes, looking up at Ed through slightly lowered lashes. The other man took his hand and slowly guided it to where he wanted it and Roy took the initiative, stroking quickly and feeling Edward's fingers falter inside of him.

"Ah, God..." Edward swore.

"You don't believe in God," Roy responded with a smirk as he curled his fist around Ed and ran it roughly upward. Ed's hands remembered to move and Roy found himself lifting his legs. A third finger was added and Roy winced slightly, a pained look flashing across his features before he relaxed and sighed.

There were more kisses. Extended foreplay was technically unnecessary, but Roy didn't mind it as he felt Ed's tongue delve into the place where chest met arm. Then, those fingers were gone and Roy felt his legs being lifted. He dug his fingers into that annoying blue carpet again and felt the strands slide under his nails. Now.

"Are you ready?" Ed asked slightly as he rested Roy's legs on his arms and slowly eased his smaller body closer. Roy said nothing and only nodded slowly. God, if anyone had told him that he'd ever be bottoming for Fullmetal, he'd have sworn they had lost their-

Pressure. A firm, building pressure. Roy hissed slightly and felt himself tightening up and Ed halted. He waited, feeling his body relax against it and then the pressure continued. Even as he forced himself to relax, there was still a burning sensation that made him gulp and fight to breathe evenly. Why did it seem hard to meet those golden eyes? What about this made this hard? Ed didn't seem to mind and just continued, pressing fully into him with a loud, echoing groan as he buried himself deep into the other body.

"Ah..." Ed sighed in disbelief. He moaned. The warmth. The heat. This... this was... The first time had entertained its highlights, but being buried in this tightness and almost owning Roy's body was... yeah. He groaned, a hand brushing against Roy's cheeks until dark eyes fluttered slowly open. "Okay?"

"Full," was all that was echoed and Ed moaned again. Yeah. Full of him. Roy Mustang always knew what to say to increase his ego. It was petted and stroked for a moment as Ed shifted slightly and heard and answering groan from the body beneath him. The arms were heavy on his shoulders, a mild annoyance, and his thighs ached to drive into the willing form, but he waited.

And waited.

"Are you ready yet?" Ed hissed.

"Give me a minute would you? You're insensitive," Roy shot back, his eyes darting open for a minute as he squirmed slightly. That discomfort did not seem to be diminishing, but the pain was gone and the flame alchemist thrust his hips anxiously downward. Ed moaned and there was an answering thrust.

Oh. So, that's what felt so good about this activity. Roy was seeing stars and suddenly, his hands moved up to grip Ed's shoulders hard enough to bruise as he barked out, "Now. Hard."

Blond hair had scattered around Ed's shoulders and he nodded, accepting the order with a slight quirk of his lips. Oh, he could do hard. Thrust and an answering lift of the hips and suddenly the floor of Roy's apartment had new meaning. Something in Roy's movements had a possessive determination, even though he stayed silent. The Fullmetal Alchemist simply gave in. Thrust, hard into that tightness. Answering thrust, hips moving to pull him back as his mind left him.

It was primal now and Ed didn't have the patience to keep it slow. Not that the other man cared. Legs tightened around him as the blonde alchemist buried himself deeper into the other, his throat torn and hoarse from moaning. He glanced at Roy, feral and glaring, and saw the familiar answering smirk ripped slowly from pale features by a sharp cry.

Thrust. It hurt slightly, each thrust deeper into him and Roy's hands moved back to the carpet. It was something to anchor onto as he felt Ed slamming into him. The movements were quickly becoming harder, rough and the rhythm was disappearing altogether. Thighs were spread further apart and Roy groaned, moving one of Ed's hands closer to his mouth to suck on it.

Taking the hint, Ed dragged that hand and slowly began to stroke hard skin. His hand moved and Roy was forced to hold up his own leg as he heard a whimper. That couldn't have been him. Roy Mustang did not whimper. However, it sounded an awful lot like him and the smirk on Ed's face, as temporary as it was, told him it probably had been.

His body was being slammed into and Roy felt his head tilt to the side and hit the coffee table. He winced and let out an outraged cry, glaring at the body above him. Ed mumbled something incoherent that could have been an apology. His hand was touching and stroking and Roy looked up to watch him. Ed's mouth was open and his eyes were unfocused. Sweat dripped from his nose and eased down his face until it dropped from his collarbone onto Roy's own body. Roy could see the damp sheen of sweat on his own form as he groaned. Oh, God... this felt too good to be healthy.

"Ah!" a scream tore from his throat and Ed suddenly looked very satisfied. Too satisfied and smug for Roy to be comfortable, but he was too far gone to care. And, then there was a thrust and-

Roy came hard, his body tightening around the other's form as he arched forward. Ed moaned as legs wrapped harder around him and he felt Roy coming against his chest. Roy saw white and his eyes glazed over as he yelled and felt Ed's final thrust into him, the other body screaming. Ed was loud and Roy's name left his lips in a passionate whisper before Roy felt a braid flop onto his chest.

There was panting in his ear and the other body slowly withdrew to curl up to his side. The Flame Alchemist slowly relaxed, back hitting the carpet as he sighed. He was starting to like this stupid carpet. The warm body next to him stroked his chest slowly and Roy was hit with the sudden shock that he had not just been fucking someone. That had been making love. All the gentle touches, foreplay and soft words that accompanied making love had followed those actions.


"Are you okay?" a hoarse voice whispered, lips moving as they pressed against his shoulder. Roy relaxed his legs and stretched them out slowly, kicking at a spare article of clothing as he smirked.

"I'm perfectly fine. It's not like you're that big anyway," the military man said slowly. It lacked its usual delivery.

"Liar," Ed retorted as he shrugged and murmured something, curling closer as he rubbed a hand over Roy's bare abdomen. He was too tired for a decent comeback and settled for a pitiful insult as he tangled his legs with the Flame Alchemist's.

"We should get up and take a shower," Roy sighed as he felt Ed's auto-mail leg smear some of the semen on his thigh. Ed simply shrugged and nodded, a happy mumble as he drifted closer to sleep.

"Yeah, we should go take a shower," Ed said. He made no motion to move and Roy gave up as he felt the other place another kiss on his cheek. That stray hand moved in circles on his stomach and Roy took a breath.

"We really do need to-" he began.

"Achoo!" Ed suddenly sneezed against him.

"That's just what I needed. Thank you. A post-sex dousing of snot," Roy said calmly as he offered Ed a handkerchief. Then, Roy smirked suddenly. Life now made sense. The smile quirked up the corner of his lips and he glanced at Edward with a smirk. Ed's eyes had opened and he looked apologetic for a moment and then suspicious. Ed watched the other man in worried anticipation as a glare danced onto tan features.

"I hope," Roy began with a calculated, smug look, "The cold I gave you makes you miserable, Hagane no."

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