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[fic] "At the Very Ports We Blow" (Premovie fic, R)

Title: At the Very Ports We Blow
Author: cryogenia
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 to R
Spoiler level: Post-series, pre-movie; spoilers only if you don't know who Alfons Heiderich is

Summary: Edward Elric, aged 16 years and change, has made his way to the University of Munich where he faces a new challenge - in the eerily familiar face of his peer and colleague, Alfons Heiderich. Both are studying the fascinating new field of rocketry, both are excited and ambitious about their project. There's just one problem...the two of them are expected to get along.

Chapter 1 - The Effect of Impact on Stationary Objects
Chapter 2 - The Seed of the Fire

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