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"Warming up to Erotica Fan art, and a request..

Fan Art: Rated R,   Ed/Huges

Request:  File under "ODD"
Image is inked_mostly but not coloured. :S

Laughs, Ok maybe my ratings are a tad off, this MAy be A.A.14 

It's my first EVER erotica..and welll, I didn't like what it looked like from Ed's waist down, so it's not inked..AND was removed from pic. :P *Nyaah*

*Enter the request*
MOST "porn"/erotic comics/photobooks/Illustrated NA Kama Sutras I looked at  for references, skips OVER teh "foreplay" quite quickly. :(  (Don't ask HOW I got such  a LARGE collection of Kama Sutras..I'm STILL trying to figure it out!)
Since the  Story I'm wanting to "doodle" is MOSTLY foreplay... anyone got a GOOD reference book/movie for me?

Anyways, it's not *bad* For a "first"..not GREAT, but not BAD... I'll get better I promise! I don't think I'll colour this one. *siigh*

Apologies if it sucks!
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