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Ed's Voice

I was watching bits and peices of GetbackersFullmetal Alchemist with some friends today, and one of them kept remarking how Ed sounded really familliar.

Then she realized: Ed sounded like Naruto!!

She asked me to ask you people if Ed and Naruto shared the same VA? Or is she just going crazy (me too, now that I think about it more... and the other friend that was with me).... ^^;;

Oh yeah, I come with screenshots. Envy X Ed screenshots even!! ... There is somewhat crude language behind the cut, just thought I'd warn you now ^^;;

Here, we have a shot of Ed checking out Envy's ass. Envy is shaking it to please his lover. Aren't they happy looking? ((It took me over 1/2 an hour to get this shot, since I can't go frame by frame, so please don't steal XD))

Here is a shot where Envy has made Ed go on his knees. In the shot, he is saying "On your knees, bitch."

No, I edited the picture in no way. Certainly didn't black out Gluttony from the background.
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