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Title: Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Rating: NR-17 (probably)
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Summary: After finding a condom on the nightstand, Edward worries over whether or not he's ready to take their physical relationship to the next level.


It wasn't until late morning that the sun beams manged to find there way past the newly flowering trees and into the small townhouse window. Edward groan to himself as the sun disturbed his sleep and he flopped over onto the more shaded side of the bed.

The sheets were cool against his stomach - not surprising, since Mustang had left for work long before the sun rose - but still contained his lover's musky scent.

Edward sighed, breathing in the spicy smell of sweat, cologne, and bodily fluids – the smell of sex. Not the most pleasant oder, but it did bring back memories of the night before and a familiar stirring in his groin.

Grinning into the pillow, he ground his hips into the mattress beneath him, enjoying the pleasurable tingles caused by the friction.

He sighed again and turned his head to face the nightstand, hoping the clock would tell him he had time for a little self satisfaction before he had to start his day.

The hands on the clock rested just short of 10:00 am - plenty of time for what he had in mind. He licked his lips in anticipation and rolled onto his side for easier access. Contently, he ran his flesh hand over his stomach, tracing his warm fingers along the waistband of his boxers as the sunlight continued to fill the room.

He paused the slide of his hand as a twinkle from on the nightstand caught his attention.

Golden eyes narrowed in confusion and Edward frown, taking his hand from his underwear to grope for the unknown object on the bed side table.

Once snagged, he held the small object before him. The foil of the tiny package glittered and sparkled almost heavenly in the morning sun, but Edward dropped it and scattered away -almost falling off the bed - as if fire from hell itself would set it ablaze at any moment.

Wide Eyed, he stared at the small square condom package, not sure what to think.

It was his understanding that Roy wasn't planning on fucking him till he was older!

When they had started this ... relationship... Roy had been firm about the 'belt rule.' At that time, his more inexperienced self had been more than willing to follow that rule.

For a long time the 'belt rule' had been a safety net. Kissing, caressing, touching licking... it was all okay - above the belt, - and while sometimes frustrating, the lack of pressure to go any farther had been comforting in it's own way. It had permitted him to build confidence in his own sexuality as he was allowed to explore physical intimacy at a slow, lazy speed.

It had only been a few months ago that his teenage hormones had cause him to challenge that rule. It had taken much whining, begging and dry humping, but his lover had finally given in and showed him the wonders of a hand job, then, a few days later, the joy of oral sex.

Hesitantly, Edward reached out and and grabbed the square package again, pinching it between his metal fingers.

He stared at it, flipped it over, and stared at it some more, as if trying to find some secret code on the foil wrapping. Of course, there wasn't any code, just some directions and a line of text saying 'ribbed for her pleasure,' which made his face immediately heat up in embarrassment.

Did his own insistence to rush to a more physical relationship cause Roy to believe he was now, suddenly, old enough? To believe that he was ready? Ed swallowed hard and let out a shaky breath.

It wasn't like Roy would force him to do anything... he could always just say no....

The condom dropped to the bed a second time as the brutal blare of the alarm clock went off at 10:30 am, startling Ed. The teen slapped clumsily at the clock until it turn silent.

With his morning jack-off session long since forgotten, Edward quickly pulled on his typical leather pants, black tank top, and red over coat - despite the comfortably warm weather - and rushed to leave.

He stopped at the door and stared at the tiny foil package lying innocently on the bed for a second longer, then left.

Several minutes later, the door flung back open as the blond teenager hurried back in to pocket the condom -for reasons unknown even to himself- before dashing back out in hope of making it to the office and turning in the report that was due at 11:00 am.

Maybe he would confront Roy about it then... maybe.

Note: To those who were reading my genderswitch fic: I do plan on finishing it.  I know just how i want the story to go i just can't get the next part done.  I just can't get Roy to stop resisting her... dammit Roy! Just screw her already! jeeze...  Any ideas to get past that part will be happily accepted.
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