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01 July 2007 @ 04:37 am
See how it ends... and how it begins  
This week on the adultswim.com Video On Demand, FMA wraps up its glorious 26-week (or so) run with Episode 51, "Laws and Promises". This episode has only been shown on Cartoon Network exactly twice thus far; once during the first-run finale in March 2006, and again much later in November 2006.

And just in time, like clockwork, FMA returns to [adult swim] to begin a new lap starting this coming late Monday/early Tuesday at 1:30am and 4:00am (ET/PT) with Episode 1, "Those Who Challenge The Sun". FMA will be shown once through, late Monday-Friday/early Tuesday-Saturday at those two times, with two exceptions: July 6/7 and September 4/5.

And because I'm bored, here's the rundown:

July 2-5
01- Those Who Challenge The Sun
02- Body of the Sanctioned
03- Mother...
04- A Forger's Love

July 9-13
05- The Man w/the Mechanical Arm
06- The Alchemy Exam
07- Night of the Chimera's Cry
08- The Philosopher's Stone
09- Be Thou For the People

July 16-20
10- The Phantom Thief
11- The Other Bros. Elric (Part 1)
12- The Other Bros. Elric (Part 2)
13- FLAME VERSUS FULLMETAL / Spend Otakon Eve with Ed and Roy's fight!
14- Destruction's Right Hand

July 23-27
15- The Ishbal Massacre
16- That Which Is Lost
17- HOUSE OF THE WAITING FAMILY / Fanservice night! Take off your shirt and enjoy!
18- Marcoh's Notes
19- The Truth Behind Truths

July 30-Aug 3
20- Soul of the Guardian
21- The Red Glow
22- Created Human
23- Fullmetal Heart
24- Bonding Memories

Aug 6-10
25- WORDS OF FAREWELL (Season 1 Finale)
26- Her Reason
27- Teacher
28- One Is All, All Is One
29- The Untainted Child

Aug 13-17
30- Assault on South Headquarters
31- Sin
32- Dante of the Deep Forest
33- Al, Captured

Aug 20-24
35- Reunion of the Fallen
36- The Sinner Within
37- FLAME ALCHEMIST: Bachelor Lt/Mystery of WH13 / SAY YES TO CRACK!
38- With the River's Flow
39- Secret of Ishbal

Aug 27-31
40- The Scar
41- Holy Mother
42- His Name is Unknown
43- The Stray Dog
44- Hoenheim of Light

Sep 3, 5-7
45- A Rotted Heart
46- Human Transmuation
47- Sealing the Homunculus
48- Goodbye

49- The Other Side of the Gate
50- Goodbye
51- Laws and Promises

After September 12, FMA restarts another lap with Episodes 1 and 2, but the run ends there. In its place starting September 17, is another Classic TV series, Cowboy Bebop. (Yes, they're holding off Bebop a few months longer instead of doing the Sunday at 5am thing.)

In the meantime, spend your summer nights with a (short) blond guy and a big metal dude with FMA. Or at least set those VCRs and TiVos if you don't already have the DVDs. :)
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Caroline: FMA - Crossoverflamemetal89 on July 1st, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
Awesome xD I can't believe they are bringing Bebop back too (not that it should have ever been off) but I heard that it had been retitred for good - thanks for the rundown though ♥
xxi the world: Winrysnipsnap on July 1st, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thank GOD. I have almost all the series on VHS, but my mom had written over a few episodes. I was heartbroken. ^^; And my friend and I will have something to watch at night again!

Thanks for the info. <3
Rizzlerizzleberry on July 1st, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)

....*Had to say that*

'An Bebop too?

....Awwwww, man. I need to buy a crapload of new blank tapes.
jalendavi_lady: FMA - Izumi on the nature of life and dejalendavi_lady on July 1st, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)

(missed recording one ep the last time through, and had to start partway through and do a loopy thing when it restarted. glad I used rerecordables :P)
fullmetalrosefullmetalrose on July 1st, 2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
THANK GOD! The worst viewing night of [adult swim] is Sunday it has all the stupid stuff except anime! Cowboy Bebop coming back awesome!