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Like Moths to Flame - Chapter 17

TITLE: Like Moths to Flame – Chapter 17
PAIRING: Primarily Roy x Ed, Greed x Marta
WARNINGS: MPREG! Yes it has become an MPREG to popular demand, also FLUFF and STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT!
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS UN BETA’D, my poor beta has real life consuming her L
Note: There are characters in Xing that are of my own imagination Uncle Kido and Uncle Santo are two of them to help make the storyline even more interesting! Enjoy! Comments always welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Like Moths to Flame – Chapter 17

He had traveled for months to find the one and only person who could explain what exactly Rentan Jutsu was and or is since his brother would never discuss the subject with him. It wasn’t until he was left with this cursed arm that he knew he had to travel far in order to find these answers.

After many false leads he arrived in Youswell to the very home of one Dr. Tim Marcoh. After he knocked on the door without receiving a response he found the door to be unlocked so he entered the small home cautiously. As he looked around he found the place empty making it quite evident that the doctor wouldn’t be returning here anytime soon.

He walked throughout the place looking for any information on the current whereabouts of the doctor when the landlord startled him.

“Who are you?” asked the landlord.

“Excuse me but could you tell me where Dr. Marcoh is?” asked the stranger.

“There is no one here by that name,” responded the landlord.

“My apologies, I was told this was shere I could find him.”

“Why? What do you want with him,” pressed the landlord.

“I was one of his students and I came to visit him to get some clarification on a medical matter,” replied the stranger.

“Well I am afraid that he has left and I am not sure when and if he will be returning. He did say that he was traveling to the east for some research and wasn’t sure when he would return.”

“I see,” sighed the stranger in defeat.

“Look I don’t know for sure but the men who came to visit him when he left were dressed in what appeared to be Xingian attire if that helps,” offered the landlord.

“Thank you,” replied the stranger. “Do you mind if I look around to see if he left any of his notes around that I may bring to him?”

“Not at all. As you can see the place is pretty bare but after you’re done please stop by the store down the road for something to drink and eat,” smiled the landlord taking his leave.

Feeling defeated once again he sat in the corner of the dark room and took a deep breath. Ever since his brother died and he was left with this cursed arm all he wanted to find out was the truth and no matter how hard he tried the truth just dangled in his face completely out of reach.

He raised his cursed arm in front of his face and then slammed his fist onto the wooden floor when he realized a piece of the wood had come loose. He removed the wooden strip to reveal a small hiding place that held a very old and worn book that appeared to be a journal.

He picked up the small book and opened it carefully hoping the pages wouldn’t disintegrate upon his touch. What he found inside was not only part of what he was looking for but also earth shattering. He quickly closed the book and stuffed it inside his coat pocket as he took his leave toward Xing to stop what he feared what was about to happen.


With the royal family preparing for the upcoming nuptials Dr. Marcoh and Mokidoshi were given their own private laboratory in one of the many outer buildings near the palace in which to create the stone. Both men were skilled in their science with each providing their own version of alchemy into the mix.

Although Marcoh was skilled in Renkin Jutsu he had studied a little Rentan Jutsu that was Mokidoshi’s expertise. They had been working tirelessly in teaching each other what they knew as well as comparing notes for the last several weeks. It was about this time that Mokidoshi confided in Marcoh about his visit with the Emperor’s son Ling that caused him great concern. Although Ling often behaves in a laid-back, goofy and downright undignified manner, he is a skilled fighter and very shrewd when he wants something he is told he cannot have.

Marcoh suggested that every evening before leaving the laboratory that their notes and research be locked up to avoid anyone stumbling upon their work. They had also developed an intricate code system that only each other could decipher ensuring their own safety and lives.

It was while the two alchemists were sharing their work that they became confident with one another to share the one thing they wanted kept secret. That no one learn of the one possible way to increase the crystallization of the stone so they made a sworn oathe never to speak of it no matter the cost. Understanding, deconstruction and reconstruction that was the ultimate goal, nothing more, nothing less and with that their pact was sealed.


Since the pregnancy scare earlier that afternoon, Uncle Kido refused to let Ed or Roy leave his suite. Although Edward wanted to go back to their own love nest, he didn’t object too much as he knew Uncle Kido was only looking out for him and their baby.

After the oversupply of attention and rest he received today, Edward rose from the Emperor’s large fluffy bed leaving his dutiful lover still asleep beneath the warm covers.

Since Edward’s pregnancy began he had grown accustomed to the large flowing Kimono robes that Uncle Santo provided him. They were long, big and made of the finest silk with a light fleece lining made especially for Ed’s automail to keep it and him warm. Some of the robes would cross and tie, others buttoned or zipped but regardless of the style they all were floor length and had huge bell like sleeves that went way past Edward’s hands. He didn’t care how big they were because they were each made especially for him and his baby and that alone made him happy.

Not wanting to awake Roy, Edward quietly walked to the large window overlooking the palace grounds and the beautiful starry night. Smiling thoughtfully Edward gazed at the still beauty of the night and the bright moon. He sought out his cherry blossom trees and the beautiful orchids that adorned the landscape of the grounds which all lay about in quiet beauty. Ed noticed that the Emperor shared the same view of the grounds that he and Roy did and knew for sure that Roy was indeed the favored child.

Smiling happily and content Edward touched his belly feeling the little life inside of him. He knew that this child would become the heir to all that he has seen and lived through since his arrival here in Xing over six months ago.

He knew that under Roy’s guidance their child would be an excellent ruler not to mention an alchemic genius as well, smirked Edward. He opened his robe to reveal the soft skin of his small little belly of joy. He looked down as he rubbed the little life within him as his robe fell off of his shoulders while he stood in the moonlight.

Roy woke with a start not feeling his lover’s warmth beside him. He was about to call out when he saw a vision basked in gold near the window. He lay in bed in silence and smiled seeing his lover in the beauty of the moment. He wished that he had his camera at this precise moment as this was another precious moment in their life that he decided to bask in rather than disturb.

“You look beautiful,” sighed Roy lovingly.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” asked Edward quietly never taking his hands or eyes from his stomach.

“No,” smiled Roy getting out of the bed and approaching his lover. “When I didn’t feel you and our baby next to me I just woke up,” smiled Roy taking Ed into his arms.

They both looked out into the moonlight in quiet splendor. Roy kissed Edward’s bare neck and shoulders breathing in his lover’s scent.

“I love you baby,” sighed Roy happily.

“I love you too.”

“How are you feeling? Anymore pain or queasiness?” asked Roy as he pressed his chin atop Edward’s head.

“Actually since I ate a little earlier I feel just fine,” smiled Edward.

“So if you feel alright what has you up in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t know really. I mean I feel fine and rested so I decided to get up and take a look out the window,” replied Edward still adoring the night sky.

“What a beautiful sight it was,” smirked Roy.

Smiling Edward turned to face his lover as Roy took Edward’s face into his hands and kissed him deeply. Their kiss was slow, soft and tender. Edward pressed into Roy as he felt Roy’s strong arms hold him tight.

Tears began to fall down Ed’s face as Roy gently wiped away the tears asking, “Baby is there something wrong?”

“No,” sniffed Ed. “I feel fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes of course I’m sure!”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t know!” wailed Edward falling into Roy’s waiting arms.

Roy just smiled because he knew why and for now that would be his little secret.

Roy picked up his little lover and held him close taking in the beauty of the moment. It was during the silence of their love and the calming of Ed’s tears that the young blonde made a startling confession.


“Yes my love?”

“I’m fucking starving!” exclaimed Edward.

“Well I knew it wouldn’t be long before your voracious appetite took over,” smirked Roy.

Edward didn’t respond to the shrewd comment, he only pinched Roy’s left nipple hard with his automail hand a bit harder than planned.

“OW! Edward that hurt!”

“Sorry. Want me to kiss it?” asked the little demon blonde seductively.

“No! Because you might bite it instead,” scoffed Roy.



“Fu …” began Edward as Roy’s mouth muffled the impending insult. Roy carried his precious lover back to bed taking special care of the overall package.

“Is Uncle Santo awake?” asked Edward.

“I don’t think so baby, it’s past midnight, why …”

But before Roy could finish Ed was already dialing Santo’s suite.

“Uncle Santo? It’s Edward, are you asleep?”

“Oh my sweet little beauty, what is wrong? Are you all right?” asked Santo sitting up in bed.

“Well nothing is wrong I’m just like really really hungry and um I was wondering if you would fix me some more of that soup you made earlier?” asked Edward shyly.

“Of course my little beauty anything you desire,” smiled Santo.

“Were you sleeping uncle?” asked Edward worried he was being a nuisance.

“Me sleep with this snoring boar next to me, I should think not!” laughed Santo. “Is Royaku awake as well?”

“Yes sir,” smiled Edward looking at his lover.

“Then I shall fix a small feast for my two little lovebirds.”

“Thank you uncle,” smiled Edward as he hung up the phone.

“Well I take it uncle is on his way over?” asked Roy snuggling against Edward’s chest and rubbing his little bump.

“He will be as soon as he fixes us both something to eat,” smiled Edward kissing Roy’s forehead.

“I never thought I would see the day that someone other than myself could wrap Uncle Santo around their finger tighter than me,” laughed Roy.

“What can I say I’m just irresistible,” smirked Edward.

“Yes you are my love, yes you are,” smiled Roy as he kissed the child within his lover.


When Uncle Santo finally arrived with Edward’s midnight snack Edward was so ravenous that he couldn’t wait for Uncle Santo to properly serve the royal couple. Edward was all right with the idea of being royalty but this waiting around crap for food was for the birds when it was just the three of them.

“Uncle since it is just us do we have to do all this proper royal stuff,” complained Edward.

“Edward!” exclaimed Roy.

“Well its true Roy I mean it is just us and I’ve eaten in front of you plenty of times not to worry about what fork to use and how to place my napkin and all that crap.”

“Ah what a breath of fresh air you are my little beauty,” smiled Uncle Santo. “Royaku I must agree with your little love for he hates all this royal bullshit as I do.”

“Uncle?” replied Roy skeptically raising one eyebrow to his uncle who just winked in return.

“See Roy Uncle Santo thinks it’s a load of crap too,” smiled Edward as he devoured a spoonful of noodles and soup. “Besides I think Uncle Kido just likes to inflate his ego is why he makes a fuss about all this royal bullshit.”

“Is that what I do now?” asked Kido entering his own suite causing Edward to blush from his outburst.

“Sorry uncle,” replied and embarrassed Edward.

“Sorry? What are you sorry about my sweet love?” smiled the Emperor as he bent down to kiss Edward on the forehead. “You are very correct in your assumptions as it was my father who loved all this pomp and circumstance but me and Hiroku, well we hated it.”

“Really? Uncle you never told me that,” replied Roy as he tried to take an egg roll from Edward’s plate when it was suddenly slapped away by the ravenous little blonde. “Ow, Edward I just wanted an egg roll!”

“Hands off these are mine,” glared Edward protecting his food.

“Well I think that you have finally reached the craving part of your pregnancy,” frowned Roy.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Edward shoving down another spoonful of noodles.

“Well it appears my little one that your appetite has returned and most pregnant women get extremely odd cravings for food during their pregnancy,” smiled Santo.

“Well I am not a girl,” complained Edward taking a bite into his egg roll.

“No but you alone can eat us out of house and home,” smirked Roy.


“Your bastard,” smiled Roy snuggling next to Edward.

“Roy do you mind. I am trying to eat! You know we can do all that mushy crap later,” argued Edward.

“Oh yeah, he’s back to normal,” laughed Roy as he watched his lover devour another egg roll and some more noodles.

“Should I prepare more food?” asked Santo curiously.

“It might be a good idea,” winked Roy as he was glad to have his ravenous lover back to normal.

It was after Edward consumed eight egg rolls, four bowls of soup and noodles, two bowls of steamed rice and two pieces of grilled chicken that he was not only satisfied but also extremely horny. The only problem was how do you get rid of the two most loving and doting uncles in the world.

Edward knew that they would understand and was getting used to all this pampering when after he finished eating he decided to innocently sit on Roy’s lap and snuggle hoping it would give his dark haired lover a clue.

“So I um take it that it is time for all that mushy crap,” smirked Roy.

“Uh, huh,” smiled Edward as he placed his arms around Roy’s neck and gave him a soft kiss. “Can we go back to our room now?”

“Sure baby if you want to,” smiled Roy returning the kiss.

“My loves you are welcome to stay here for the remainder of the night,” offered the Emperor.

“I know Uncle but I kind of want to be in our own bed,” confessed Edward snuggling Roy innocently.

“Me thinks little beauty is horny,” smiled Kido.

“Kido!” reprimanded Santo as he whacked the Emperor on the back of the head.

“Ow! What the hell was that for?” complained Kido.

“Only you would take such a beautiful moment and turn it into pure smut,” complained Santo.

“Oh and you are never horny?”

“Not as much as you are you big horny toad! That is all you think about is sex, sex and more sex nothing else!” complained Santo.

“And you don’t?” eyed the Emperor to his companion.

“Yes, I mean no! Don’t twist my words!” yelled Santo.

“I am not for you have already risen to the occasion,” smirked Kido.

“All right gentlemen I think it is time for us to be going,” interrupted Roy.

“What now? Just when it was getting good,” replied Edward.

“Edward!” exclaimed Roy honestly surprised.

“Well they really do have entertaining fights,” smiled Edward.

“See we have corrupted my little golden angel,” sighed Santo.

“Don’t worry uncle,” smiled Edward, “Roy did that to me a long time ago and I have the proof right here,” smirked Edward touching his very pregnant stomach.

Smiling Roy gently rubbed Ed’s stomach as he kissed him tenderly. Then happily carried his pregnant lover to their own love nest.


After several nights trying to locate Hiraku Mokidoshi Marta gave up and returned to the palace with Alphonse. Alphonse had heard of chimeras and homunculus’ before but to actually meet one or both was fascinating. There were many questions he wanted to ask them but at the same time he didn’t want to give them any reason to doubt his reason for betraying his own brother.

Upon arriving at Greed’s suite Marta noticed he was in a foul mood. Apparently the prince had not satisfied his needs for the day, which meant she was in for a rough night.

“Who’s that?” asked Greed annoyed at having an uninvited guest.

“It’s the alchemist you wanted me to get for you,” responded Marta seductively.

“Ah yes him,” smirked Greed as he walked up to Marta and grabbed her by the neck. “What the hell took you so fucking long to find him?” threatened Greed. “You were supposed to get him here weeks ago.”

Alphonse in shock by the way he man handled Marta decided to take matters into his own hands. “Look she didn’t know where I was okay. I was weighing my options and it took longer than I expected for me to make a decision.”

“And you have made your decision?” snarled Greed.

“Yes. I have agreed to be the alchemist you need to help you create the philosopher’s stone,” replied Alphonse.

“I see,” began Greed releasing his hold on Marta for the moment. “Well I hate to be a rude host but I need a moment alone with my companion. Your friend the prince is in the room next door. I suggest you go get reacquainted with him until I come for you.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” replied Alphonse feeling a deep sickening for what he was leaving behind as well as what was awaiting him when he met back up with Ling. Either way after meeting such an imposing figure some time to himself would prove beneficial.

Once Al had left the pair alone Greed immediately came up to Marta from behind and lifted her shirt exposing her large breasts. He grabbed them hard and pinched her already hard and aching nipples.

“Ready for me already I see,” smirked Greed as he licked her neck.

“Always,” sighed Marta falling into his erotic hypnosis.

He touched Marta’s silky body hungrily kissing the skin beneath his fingers.

“What do you desire tonight,” asked Marta.

“I desire your breast as I touch it now,” moaned Greed as he turned her so he could kiss the hard perky nipple as his other hand explored the hard and full nipple of the other breast.

She gasped as he fondled and sucked her breasts. She was devoted to this man more than anyone in the entire world. Anything he desired of her she would fulfill. No matter the request she deeply loved no one other than this man who took her every night without any tenderness or love.

Without warning Greed threw Marta onto his bed and stripped off her clothing leaving her naked and exposed. He slid his fingers down her body from her hard breast and onto the soft mound of hair that led to the wet delicious cunt he desired.

Moving his fingers he traced he soft lips and opened them to find her wetness. She moaned in delight from his touch as he rubbed up and down her long warm slit.

“Don’t move, I want to take you,” whispered Greed in her ear.

Shaking her head in understanding Marta tried not to work her hips back and forth allowing Greed to finger fuck her mercilessly as she expected. His thrusts were hard and deep as he probed her cunt deeper and harder adding another finger with each thrust.

He bit her nipple as his hand found the pleasure he desired deeper and harder.

“I want you to come in my hand,” moaned Greed as his thumb rubbed the hard clit while his other fingers continued to search the wetness.

“Ye … nnnghhh … yes,” moaned Marta taking the abuse.

Harder and deeper he probed Marta’s wetness steadily while his thumb placed erotic pleasure on her aching clit as she moaned and groaned wishing she could rush her passion.

Greed grinned as he watch her torment as he toyed with her hard clit feeling it pulse under his thumb. She screamed as she spilled her juice into Greed’s hand in a fit of spasms and sweat.

“Perfect,” smiled Greed watching the breathless naked woman on his bed. He opened the soft legs exposing the wet cum filled pussy. Smiling deviously Greed knelt between the sweetness and began to hungrily lick the delicious pussy clean.

“Greed. Fuck me,” cried Marta helplessly as she grabbed the sheets.

“Soon,” moaned Greed as his tongue explored the wet slit, tasting and licking the sweetness. His tongue found the hardened clit and began to toy with it again feeling his woman writhe in pleasure. He sucked the clit as though it were a very small cock driving his woman into more fits of passion.

“Aaah, Greed … yes…”

He spread Marta’s legs open wide as he began to lick her from her clit to her anus devouring the delicious juice of perfection. His tongue found Marta’s delicious opening and entered it in deep and long continuous rhythmic fucks.

“I am very thirsty,” smirked Greed as he nibbled on her soft lips.

“Ye, ahh, yes,” moaned Marta to the thrusts of the tongue consuming her. She rode his hot tongue hard pressing into the loving mouth as she felt the heat consume her convulsing into an orgasmic climax spilling her juice into Greed’s mouth.

Once satisfied and fulfilled from the drink Greed licked his way to Marta’s mouth sharing the passion. Marta, the obedient lover, gave herself completely to Greed to be used as Greed wanted.

She lay on the bed for him as he needed and desired and as they kissed she felt his hard cock slam into her aching cunt. Gasping from the fierce entry she continued to kiss the man that took her deep and hard every night. This was what she wanted this was what she needed. That is what she kept telling herself every time he took her by force.

“So good,” moaned Greed as he pounded Marta endlessly and with a final thrust emptied inside her.

Resting for only a moment until Greed withdrew and demanded, “Spread for me.”

Grinning Marta rolled onto her stomach placing her ass in the air for Greed to inspect. Greed’s hands opened the cheeks wide and smiled, “Marta no one is as perfect as you.” He lifted Marta’s ass up higher as his tongue entered the sweet puckered hole licking and sucking the sweetness within.

“Haa … aahh…” cried Marta loving the heated passion of Greed tongue.

He ate deeply inside her with his tongue as his fingers found her wet opening and began to finger her furiously. Marta’s ass was delicious and he wanted more as his tongue furiously fucked the hole deeper and longer tickling the sweet closed pucker with his tongue each time he withdrew. He felt his own cock hardening, aching for more.

He withdrew his tongue and pressed his hard cock head into Marta’s tight opening shoving deep as he passed the tight ring into perfection. “Are you my eager slut tonight?”

“Always your nasty slut,” grinned Marta as she spread her cheeks wider craving the anal abuse.

He began his hard thrusts immediately knowing Marta was not a virgin but a very skilled obedient whore that he secretly loved. He loved feeling that hard ass between his cock as he continued the steady long deep fucks into his perfect lover.

“Fuck … ah … yes” groaned Greed.

“Yes … like that baby, aahh … fuck me harder, deeper,” screamed Marta as Greed lifted one of her legs to ram into her deeper feeling his balls slap Marta’s wetness making his pounding more intense.

“Yes, a good nasty fucking for my perfect slut,” smirked Greed while he pounded Marta’s ass furiously. After a few more hard deep thrusts and rough fingering did the two of them come.

They lay spent on the bed naked next to each other as Greed pulled Marta close into a warm embrace that was so unlike him. He inserted his finger into her pussy hearing her moan in pleasure as he fingered her for the next round of passion.


After and hour of walking around the palace to learn the layout Alphonse decided to find Ling. He went to the room that Greed indicated and entered it. What he found was not only surprising but a little disturbing.

Ling was lying on the floor of the room instead of the bed in a fetal position. He was naked, bruised and battered. When Alphonse approached him he scurried away in fear almost out of his mind.

Alphonse decided not to attempt to speak but maybe try to help. One thing he noticed about every room was that it was fully equipped with a bathroom, soap, towels and linens. He decided to search through the room to see if he could find anything to help the battered prince.

After he found a few first aid items and a couple towels he went near the prince in the hopes of cleaning him up.

“Get away from me!” yelled Ling fearful of this intruder’s intentions.

“Ling it’s me Alphonse. I am here to help you.”


“Yes. Come on you need to get into the tub so I can tend to your wounds,” offered Al.

“Where, where is …” began Ling.

“He’s busy with Marta for the night. Why?”

“Then he may leave me alone for the night,” hoped Ling.

“Want to tell me what happened?” asked Alphonse.

“I am sorry that I treated you badly and for that I am getting my punishment,” replied Ling.

“Look forget about all that. Let’s get you cleaned up and then we can talk all right?”



Two weeks after the pregnancy scare the wedding day had finally arrived and for once Edward didn’t suffer from morning sickness. He didn’t believe in bad luck and didn’t care if Roy saw him before the wedding because he refused to be alone or apart from Roy during any part of his pregnancy.

Once Edward was content Roy placed him in a warm bubble bath, kissed him deeply and then left him to Gracia, Ran Fan and Uncle Santo to prepare him for their wedding.

As predicted Edward’s bump was prominent enough that the dress of choice was changed from the fitted qipao to a more loose fitting dress. Uncle Santo, in the end, won over the complete design and style of Edward’s dress that was white and adorable with a beautiful lace bodice and long lace sleeves with scalloped edges. Chiffons covered the finest satiny silk that was the dress skirt with a long chiffon train. The train was not something Edward wanted but was what Uncle Kido said was perfect for Royaku’s little princess. Not wanting to hurt Kido’s feelings after he lost the bet with Uncle Santo he agree to the train as well as the beaded sequined and lace trim throughout the dress. Uncle Santo being the designer extraordinaire that he was had the dress made with a chiffon skirt that opened into an inverted “V” to give it a sexy appearance. Edward wore his long, thick golden hair down with red flowers placed in it throughout and he insisted on being barefoot and carried a bouquet of red roses.

At first Edward was furious at being made to dress as a woman on his wedding day that is until Uncle Santo warned him of the risks otherwise.

“You see little beauty it is not that we want you to look like a girl it is just that once word leaks out of the private Royal Wedding people do know that Prince Royaku brought his lovely fiancé “Elizabeth” here and that is who people expect to see is her,” stated Uncle Santo.

“I know that I am supposed to be Elizabeth but,” began Edward.

“Hear me out little beauty,” smiled Uncle Santo leading Edward to the sitting room. “It does not matter to Royaku what you are wearing what is inside that dress is what he loves and adores. Being a member of the royal family gives one certain pressures and expectations to live up to so to speak. After all you are providing the prince an heir,” winked Santo.

“Oh yeah that’s true. I guess it isn’t just the issue of two men marrying it is more,” sighed Edward rubbing his stomach.

“Yes my love. We are protecting you and your baby so if you have to be known to the world as Elizabeth then you shall but to us you will always be our sweet little Edward.”

“Little?” glared Edward.

“Yes little, petit and perfectly beautiful,” smiled Uncle Santo refusing to hear Edward’s rant about his size. “Remember we are the dainty and helpless uke’s to our strong seme’s,” said Uncle Santo dramatically causing Edward to laugh.

“Well when you put it that way uncle I don’t want my baby to ever be in danger or made fun of, so if I have to pretend to be a girl longer than necessary then I will,” smiled Edward as he continued to get ready for the happy event.

The wedding party was standing in the back yard of the palace under the cherry blossom trees as Roy requested at the foot of the large waterfall. There was a long red carpet that leads from the back of the palace to the site of the actual wedding. Gracia and Ran Fan preceded Edward as Uncle Kido walked Edward to where his fiancé was waiting wearing traditional Hanfu red in color with a white long vest and Roy also was barefoot as Ed requested.

When Edward arrived next to Roy he reached up and kissed his lover. Roy was too happy to comply as the wedding party smiled.

“Baby you’re supposed to wait to do that at the end,” smiled Roy.

“Oh, well, I um just wanted to make sure it was really you,” blushed Edward.

“Don’t worry there is no place else I’d rather be,” smiled Roy as he took Edward into his arms as the ceremony began.

When the time came for them to say their vows Edward and Roy walked down to the first stone step in the large pond at the water’s edge. Edward insisted on saying their vows at the very pond where Roy first asked him to marry him. He never had the heart to tell Roy that he had already proposed to him before he was pregnant but nonetheless it made for a perfect setting for their vows.

When they exchanged rings Edward was presented with another ring of diamonds this time it was a band of eternity just like the one Roy was going to wear. Edward asked that their rings be similar only he didn’t quite expect the extravagant beauty in them. Roy placed the third and final ring on Edward’s finger sealing their love forever as Edward soon placed the single band on Roy’s finger.

It was after their rings were placed that the final words came to Ed’s delight that Roy could now kiss his bride and he did so elegantly and lovingly. He picked Edward up into the safety of his arms and carried him back up the red carpet into the palace kissing and snuggling each other the entire time.

Although the happy couple wanted to be alone they had to at least share the wedding dinner with their family and friends. They held each other’s hands and ate and drank slowly feeding each other their meal. Edward ate more than he had anticipated considering his past morning sickness however he was glad that he was able to give his child more nutrition.

After a couple of hours of spending time with their friends and family Roy took his new bride back to their suite for a perfect night of love. He would have to remember to kiss Uncle Santo the next time he saw him as he prepared their room to Roy’s specifications. There were red rose pedals everywhere and the suite was completely basked in candlelight.

The bathroom was prepared for a hot bubble bath for later as the pair only had one thing in mind at this moment was to consummate their marriage. Since Edward was pregnant they had not had intercourse very often due to Edward’s condition but tonight they wanted to make their relationship complete as they slowly began to undress one another and lie in their perfect position.

As they pressed stomach-to-stomach Edward giggled as his growing belly was keeping them a little further apart than usual. But that didn’t matter their baby was there to feel their love as Roy raised Edward to meet his lips and put Edward’s right leg over his hip opening Edward.

They kissed deeply as Roy began the slow erotic touch of his finger in and out of his bride. His cock was very hard and aching for the sweet warmth that his finger was pleasuring deeper and longer.

“I love you,” sighed Edward as he kissed Roy deeply once again. “Please Roy I want to be yours for real now.”

“I love you so much baby,” smiled Roy happily as he lovingly kissed his bride. “You were always mine sweetheart.”

“You know what I mean,” sighed Edward tracing Roy’s face.

Roy concerned about Edward’s current condition decided upon a different approach to their usual lovemaking. Not wanting Edward to get nauseated or worried about hurting their child Roy decided to give Ed more control of their lovemaking.

Roy lay on his back and helped Edward straddle him comfortably. He then took out their trusty bottle of oil and began to oil his cock when Edward stopped him preferring to do it himself, which made Roy harder much faster.

Once overly oiled and way beyond pleasure Roy bent his knees to Ed could rest against his thighs as he held Edward’s hips and slowly lowered him onto his cock.

Edward gasped from the immediate pleasure this new position gave him and rubbed Roy’s forearms as Roy kept his hold on Ed’s hips. In this sitting position Ed was able to control the pressure and intensity of Roy’s thrusts with his feet that were positioned on either side of Roy’s abdomen.

“I never knew you could make love in this position,” sighed Edward as he sat down on Roy’s hardness now deep inside him.

“This is one of the most beautiful positions in lovemaking because I am able to see you completely and love you completely,” smiled Roy admiring his new bride.

“Well I vote for this position a lot,” smiled Edward, “Especially when I get bigger.”

“Anything you wish my love and I will make it come true,” smiled Roy as their slow and sensual love began to blossom.

It wasn’t long before each of them had risen to heightened pleasure when Edward suddenly burst into tears crying hysterically.

“Baby what’s wrong?” asked Roy a little concerned.

“Nothing. Why?” sobbed Edward.

“Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t know! But I know that I love you.”

Roy sat up and took Edward into his arms as he sobbed even harder. “Baby does something hurt, shall I pull out?”

“NO! I feel incredible. Please don’t,” cried Edward once again.

“Then it must be your hormones,” smiled Roy.

“My what?”

“Your hormones. Its what makes you emotional, especially females …”

“Are you saying that I am a girl because I am NOT!”

“No baby I am not saying that, your body now pregnant has an overload of hormones. In other words you are crying because you are either happy or upset,” said Roy kissing Ed’s bare shoulder.

“Well I am not upset I’m extremely happy,” cried Edward hysterically.

“Well that’s good to know,” smiled Roy as he held Edward tighter. “I love you so much my baby.”

“STOP IT ROY! You’re making it worse, “ cried Edward once again.

“Well how about if we do something else,” suggested Roy.

“What’s wrong with what we’re doing now?”

“Nothing I just thought that maybe you would like to take a bubble bath or something to relax.”

“Well okay, if you think it will help,” sniffed Edward.

“Yes I do think you will feel better. Baby did I tell you that you look perfectly beautiful tonight,” smiled Roy.

“There you go again,” sobbed Edward as Roy tenderly carried his happy bride to the bathroom.

The bathroom was lit with candles everywhere as well as the fresh rose pedals that fell all over the room. Uncle Santo had done a beautiful job of making their suite a haven for the newly wed couple and he did not leave out a single thing.

Roy began to run the bath water and added the herbal bath beads into their bath that foamed nicely. Edward had stopped crying but clinged closely to Roy. Edward was so happy this very moment that he couldn’t put the feelings into words so he was just there by Roy, with Roy and would never leave Roy’s side.

He ran his fingers through Roy’s dark hair as he stood next to his lover who was sitting on the edge of their generously large bathtub. Ed’s stomach was just a little lower than Roy’s face that was pressed gently to Ed’s slowing growing chest. Roy rubbed the soft little pouch tenderly as he felt his lover’s breathing.

“My child,” smiled Roy as he kissed Edward’s stomach.

“Our child,” smiled Edward kissing the top of Roy’s head.

“Yes ours,” smiled Roy happily as he looked up at his bride. “Baby we haven’t discussed something yet in regard to our marriage.”

“Like what?” asked Edward a little nervous by the question.

“Well,” began Roy as he turned off the faucet and checked the temperature of the bath. Satisfied he took Edward’s hand, kissed him and then slowly guided him into the warm bath. Once he was sure that Edward was comfortable Roy got into the tub behind Edward and immediately put his arms around his bride.

“Well what?” asked Edward.

“Tonight you are my bride but will you desire to be my wife or husband or a mommy or daddy?” asked Roy.

“Won’t I always be your bride?” asked Edward as he lathered up the bath sponge.

“Yes you will and now your are also known as my princess however uncle said it was up to you to decide on your royal title,” replied Roy taking the sponge from Edward and began to slowly bathe his new bride.

“My what?”

“Your royal title. Would you want to be a princess or a prince?” asked Roy.

“Well what do you think?”

“Since you are not of royal birth you can go by my name which would be Princess Royaku or if not you can be called Prince Edward. Either one is fine with me,” smiled Roy.

“Well I kind of like having your name,” blushed Edward.

“So do I,” smirked Roy, “Because I am a bastard that way.”

“Figures,” grinned Edward.

“Now wife or husband and mommy or daddy?”

“I want to be your equal so I guess husband but you can call me your wife but remember I am NOT a girl.”

“I know,” smirked Roy as he rubbed Edward’s cock.

“But our baby girl will need a mommy so I guess mommy for our daughter.”



“Ed what makes you think we are having a girl?”

“What makes you think we are having a boy?”

“I guess we shouldn’t worry about that, it really is unimportant as long as our little boy OR girl is happy and healthy.”

“Yes that is all that is really important,” smiled Edward rubbing his stomach.

Lost in the moment Edward was quiet as he felt Roy’s hands caress his body gently. He felt as though their old life was being washed away and a new one just beginning. Edward took Roy’s hand and placed it on his stomach. Roy kissed the top of Edward’s head as he too became lost in the moment.

“Who would have thought that this trip would have turned out this way,” smiled Roy thoughtfully.

“First I was your “fake fiancé” now I am legally your wife,” laughed Edward.

“You know that says a lot about how important you are to me you know.”

“How’s that?” asked Edward rubbing Roy’s thigh.

“Well if you recall back in Amestris I was only interested in becoming Furher and continue my womanizing bachelor ways. I will admit that children nor a wife were ever in my plans.”

“So what happened to change all that?” asked Edward curiously.

“Well this very tempting blonde came out of nowhere and stole my heart.”

“Yeah we blonde’s do tend to do that,” laughed Edward.

“I’m so happy you did,” smiled Roy snuggling his bride and kissing him on the cheek.

“What about going back home and the baby part, I mean didn’t you want to go back?”

“Yes and no. It was after being home for so long and being with my family here that I realized that family was more important than anything else and it took this beautiful little life inside you that made me realize what was most important to me and that is us and our baby.”

“Not to mention two very happy uncle’s,” laughed Edward.

“No kidding, they would absolutely die if I took you and our baby away from here. But they would probably lock me in a tower before that would have been able to happen,” laughed Roy.

“That’s true because they just adore me and I know they will soon be going overboard the closer the baby is due,” smirked Edward.

“Speaking of overboard, um, they already started.”

“Is this a good or a bad thing?”

“I would say good. Uncle is taking the suite next door to ours and having it enlarged and remodeled to accommodate our needs.”

“Such as?” asked Edward hesitantly.

“Well as you know this suite only consists of a living room with the small dining area, our bedroom, bath, dressing room and my study. Next to us is a similar suite however uncle wants to put a doorway from our bedroom into the next room which will be the very large nursery.”

“Large? How large? What is he expecting us to have twins or something?” asked Edward in a panic.

“No my love but you know how Uncle Kido is he’s the Emperor and when he has his mind made up this grandchild will be provided with the best of everything,” smiled Roy kissing Edward’s temple.


“Oh yeah, he and Uncle Santo are the baby’s new grandfather’s.”

“I see. What else are they doing?” asked Edward now very curious.

“Well besides the nursery will be another bathroom for the baby and another sitting room but smaller, uncle is adding a small kitchen for the baby’s needs and another dining area so we can enlarge our living room by moving the dining room into the next suite.”

“Why doesn’t uncle just give us an entire wing in the palace,” joked Edward.

“Well that is the next plan,” commented Roy.

“What do you mean?” asked Edward nervously sitting up and out of Roy’s arms.

“Baby pretty soon we may outgrow our cozy little living quarters and may have to move into a larger wing of the palace,” sighed Roy as he stroked Edward’s face.

“But I like it here its private and ours and …”

“I know but that won’t be for a long time I promise.”

“Good because I want you and our baby all to myself,” smiled Edward sinking back into the warm water and into Roy’s arms.

“So do I my love, so do I,” smiled Roy as he happily hugged his bride. “How are you feeling?”

“Happy and loved,” smiled Edward.

“Then I must be doing a good job as a husband so far,” smirked Roy.

“I don’t have any complaints, yet.”

“I have to hand it to Uncle Santo, Gracia and Ran Fan they did a beautiful job with the entire wedding not to mention how deliciously beautiful you looked and still are by the way.”

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing me,” blushed Edward.

“You still have flowers in your hair,” smiled Roy as he gently removed some of those that were loose.

“Uncle Santo went a little nuts,” smiled Edward thinking fondly of the moment.

“You were absolutely breathtaking. I wanted to hurry up the entire day just to get to here,” smiled Roy. “I have to admit the barefoot part really had me totally confused.”

“Roy Mustang do you mean to tell me you still don’t know why we said our vows in the pond?”

“No, why should I?”

“Because you bastard that is where you first asked me to marry you! Don’t you remember?”

“No I didn’t,” replied Roy honestly.

“Yes you did! It was the day that we caught them, well you know and I asked you if we were still pretending to be engaged.”

“Now I remember the day you got an eyeful of …”

“Don’t remind me I may get nauseous again,” laughed Edward.

“I’m sorry baby I can’t believe I forgot that I had asked you,” said Roy as he took Edward’s left hand into his own. “It was the day I took off my mother’s ring from your finger to replace it and where it still is today,” smiled Roy kissing Ed’s finger.

“Where it will always remain,” smiled Edward as he took Roy’s arms and wrapped them around his body.

“From the day I first looked at you I wanted you more than any woman in the world,” sighed Roy as he caressed Ed’s inner thighs.

“I wanted you too,” said Edward as he reached up to kiss his groom.

“You did?” asked Roy a little surprised.

“Yes I did,” giggled Edward. “When I saw you the first time I said to myself some how, some way that man will be mine!”

“So you knew you were gay?”

“No I just knew I wanted you and no one else ever,” smiled Edward as he turned to kiss Roy deeply.

“I want you so bad,” sighed Roy as he caressed Ed’s inner thighs.

“I want you too,” said Edward.

“If you are sure sweetheart I don’t want to hurt you or our baby,” said Roy genuinely concerned for both of them.

“I am sure. Last time was perfect and I know it will be again,” sighed Edward as he leaned against Roy’s chest letting his groom enter him tenderly.


Their wedding night was total bliss. They spent the entire night making love, talking and enjoyed just being together. Around four in the morning Edward had become chilly so Roy took out the first of many wedding gifts for his young bride, this one was a warm long sleeve white dressing gown that Roy had made for Edward’s impending pregnancy.

It was made of soft satin silk with large puffy sleeves with a little touch of lace at the end of each cuff that was Uncle Santo’s idea. Roy however insisted that the gown be white as was Edward’s dress because Edward was pure and innocent and to him and he would always be that way no matter what changes came into their life. The only draw back was the gown came right below Ed’s knees making it look a lot bigger than Roy had planned but he figured by the time Ed’s stomach began to grow the gown would be just fine.

Edward was pleased with the gown as it was “warm and fluffy” as he called it and he now lay in it next to Roy’s warm nakedness. Edward had drifted off to sleep about thirty minutes later but Roy never did.

He marveled at the beauty of the entire day and night as he held his bride and child in his arms feeling them pressed next to him was the greatest gift he could have ever been given. He caressed Edward’s golden hair watching as he ran the locks through his fingers as though it were truly gold. He kissed Edward’s forehead and touched his precious child as he felt his bride’s soft breath’s as he slept.

As the night progressed into day Roy lay awake still cuddling the two most important people in his life.

Roy had begun to slowly drift off to sleep around seven o’clock when Edward began to stir. He realized that Edward stirring this early could only mean one thing so he waited patiently until his lover awoke.

Edward woke shortly thereafter and in one quick movement jumped out of bed and straight into the bathroom. Roy wasn’t far behind him as he cradled his true love as morning sickness took its toll on the petit blonde once again.


Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man
We got something to believe in
Even if we dont know where we stand
Only God would know the reasons
But I bet he must have had a plan
Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

To be continued …

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