fractured_chaos (fractured_chaos) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[fic] The Flickering Light

Title: The Flickering Light - Part I
Author: fractured_chaos, aka c_b_syndrome, aka 'Heathenesque', aka LJ Harris ("Oh Gods, I'm
suffering from an identity crisis!")
Rating: NC17 (Jean/Roy or Roy/Jean, depending on the moods they're in and which day of the week it is)
Spoiler Warning: Post-Conqueror of Shamballa
Other Warnings: Hot Mansex and Cold Noses

A/N: More of the Post-Apocalyptic!Amestris 'verse. And more M/M sex. Y'all did it to me! Lured me to the Dark Side with cookies and sexy men. Good thing I already had that nice, Lake-of-Fire side luxury cabin reserved... now where's the party? ;-)

I'll take a nice, single malt scotch, neat. Preferably old enough to vote, please.

Summary: After schlepping corpses into the pits for 3 months, Roy finally gets a furlough --but will he get to lay around and relax?

Roy would never be able to explain, in the years to come, just how they ended up on the floor, nor how they managed to roll halfway under Jean’s bunk, clear on the other side of the room, but he would insist to his last breath that he did not have his teeth latched onto the dog’s collar when the contest was ended prematurely.
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