Grygon (grygon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Question/help for fanfic?

Hi there, I'm in the middle of writing a collaborative fanfic (you've probly read some of "Where He Belongs") and my partner and I are looking about what to do with some military related things coming up... mostly about how rank of Führer was handed over to parliament.

How would that work exactly? Would that mean a seperation of state and military? What about the rank of general? I'm not exactly interested in politics or military so sometimes writing a fic where the characters ARE is difficult.

And sometimes wikipedia is of no help... there they have a whole page just describing the rank and what it's above (other ranks) and what it's called in other countries... hello! how about some info on what the duties of a General are? *facepalm*

I feel so lost sometimes. O.o Any advice/help appreciated.

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