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18 June 2007 @ 03:49 pm
Question/help for fanfic?  
Hi there, I'm in the middle of writing a collaborative fanfic (you've probly read some of "Where He Belongs") and my partner and I are looking about what to do with some military related things coming up... mostly about how rank of Führer was handed over to parliament.

How would that work exactly? Would that mean a seperation of state and military? What about the rank of general? I'm not exactly interested in politics or military so sometimes writing a fic where the characters ARE is difficult.

And sometimes wikipedia is of no help... there they have a whole page just describing the rank and what it's above (other ranks) and what it's called in other countries... hello! how about some info on what the duties of a General are? *facepalm*

I feel so lost sometimes. O.o Any advice/help appreciated.

esteltinuviel on June 18th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
I assumed the title of Fuhrer was dissolved, since it was a council that was the supreme ruling body, I suppose, similar to the US Supreme Court, but that also differed to the Parliament, of which some military people are members (Sheska, Furey) and that they all work with the military. From CoS it seems the parliament and military are still closely connected--I would assume they would be because two years is a short time to completely reverse a militaristic country.

I don't know much about being a general, but I know that they, depending on the country, have varying control over the army and that there are several generals. In America, the generals still defer to the president, although he may authorize them to make decisions on the battlefield, etc. In history, figures like Napoleon and Hitler have NOT allowed the generals to make their own decisions and had to wait for Napoleon or Hitler to give them a command (a factor in their military downfall).
crimson_lanterncrimson_lantern on June 18th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)

Well there's some info, might be vague or unhelpful since I don't know exactly what you've looked at. If anything the list of surrounding conuntries might help us later on.

Essentially, what with the comment you made about no one being ahead of Roy in the line for Fuher... Eeehh, I don't think that's right. Remember the episode where the Fuher was talking with the Generals at a large table and Roy came to tell the Fuher his secratary was a traitor? There would be those men he'd have to contend with for Fuhrer.

However for the Rank of General I called up my ex-military buddy (it pays to have hung out with the JROTC kids in high school since most of them went into the military) who filled me in on what he could. Anything else we'd probably have to call a recruiting office else find a General. I don't know any.

So here's what he told me:
General's take orders from the president (or Fuhrer in this case) basically getting a run down of the situation and are told what they want to happen but all decisions to make that outcome happen are hense forth in the a General's hands.

General's are in charge of entier companies of men and the officers beneath them. He give orders to the lower higher ranking officers below him.

In the office General's have (Roy's favorite thing in the world) Paperwork! Basically they get aquisition forms, weapons forms, vehicle forms, orders to send out, offical commands from the president/fuhrer, discahrge and entry forms.

I would imagine Roy would have to attend alchemy exams and help make a decision in who gets in. Attend meetings with the other generals and such.

Does that help any at all?