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Want an artist to draw your fanfic as a doujinshi?

Summer's coming, and so this summer I'd like to make a doujinshi. I know there are many talented fanfic writers and fanartists here, and so I'd like to collaborate to make this a fun experience as well as make some new friends- I am an artist looking for fanfic writers and possibly other doujinshi artists for this project.

This post is crossposted, sorry.

What I'm looking for:
1-2 fanfic writers- I will be drawing one story (or more depending on length) in doujinshi format, and the other story will be novel format (although I may illustrate a few pictures).
1 doujinshi artist- He/she will illustrate their own story/work with another fanfic writer, simply to put it together into a book with my work/fanfic.

I might not need another artist, if no one is interested, since I'm planning on drawing about 20 pages.

I only plan on self publishing a couple copies for myself and some friends and NOT for sale, but I will discuss this with the rest of the group later.

There is no time restriction, although completion during the summer is preferable. It's supposed to be a fun, not stressful experience.

What I'm looking for in my fanfic writer :
-Story must be PG-13/PG rated
-I prefer AlxEd, although nothing blatantly vulgar; just a touching story about the brothers, perhaps implied shounen-ai (but again, nothing blatant), since I do have drawing limitations
-I'm also willing to draw EdxWin or something interesting relating the homunculus/military
-I'm going for pure/true love/emotion/angst; emotional depth over lust
-it's a given, but the writer must be well versed in English, grammar, spelling, etc.
-I'd prefer that the stories to never have been released before (especially for the illustrated novel one)

What I'm looking for in my partner doujinshi artist:
- Drawing skills should be similar/better than mine
- Story must be PG-13/PG rated; any pairing
- Must be inked; tone is optional

About Me:
My online gallery is located at my deviantART
My latest work (WIP):


Sample Fic (a completed one)-


I will email you if I like your work. Please do not be offended if you are rejected- it is not that you are bad, just not my tastes. Thank you for your time.
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