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Up and coming multi-fandom RPG

6582--... the Final Apocalypse

By the end of year 6582, the Earth has finally sustained its limitation with nuclear weapons. With a tremor of violent earthquakes and various odd behaviour of its geographical sphere, the Earth exploded-- sending chunks of dirt and buildings and people and animals into deep space.

You are one of the surviving living beings on a particularly large chunk of Earth that's been sent flying into space.

With your powers and raw will, you are opt to stay alive. This becomes a game of survival.
community;; [asteroidearth]// ooc;; [a_eooc]// logging;; [ae_logs]

This RPG is aiming towards a crack atmosphere rather than a serious setting.

Looking forward to a summer of insanity? Want to meet new people all across fandom? We'd be the ones for you! Come join us now-- an RP fresh out of the Sun's oven!

Currently there are no characters in this RPG-- as it is new. We encourage both RL/anime characters to join us in this adventure. And there really isn't much plot other than the set beginning of the RPG for the sake of creativity.

All rules and information is located [here]!

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