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OMG!Alchemist is looking for players~

OMG!Alchemist, one of the longest-running (if not the longest-running) Livejournal-based Fullmetal Alchemist roleplaying games, is looking for you! Although the game is now starting on its third year of life, no knowledge of the game's background is absolutely necessary.

Now, why should you pay attention? Because we have a lot of characters that need playing, including slots for Ed, Al, Roy, Winry, and several more!

OMG!Alchemist is, as its name implies, an OMG-style roleplaying game. This means that the cast of characters has been duplicated, and you have the choice of picking either an in-character version of the character or an out-of-character version, who looks the same but has an entirely different personality of your making. The result? Chaos, hilarity, drama, you name it. Past and current characters include a Roy obsessed with actually filling out his paperwork; a zombie Hughes, who declared his undying love by mailing his heart to the unsuspecting subject of his admiration; an Alphonse whose greatest aspirations are being cute and trendy and defending Turtle Society from the evil hawks; and his brother Edward, a psychotic serial killer.

Whether you want to play a character you love from the anime or manga, or a new version of that character with a new history and personality, the possibilities in this character-driven game are endless. And just when things seem to be settling down again, a dimensional shift will turn everyone into My Little Ponies for a week, or transport them onto a futuristic spaceship where they must battle giant crabs. One thing's for sure- Amestris will never be the same again.

So what are you waiting for? Come and play with us!
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