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fanfic: Long Night

Well, here's some more of that little mirror-arc I started and don't seem to be getting tired of, considering how much of it is sitting on my harddrive. I hope you like.

Title:  Long Night
Author: ketita
Pairing: Hei/Ed (onesided, so far)
Rating: pg-13. Alcohol is uneducational?
Words: 2432
Notes:  Betaed by shichahn, and looked over by box_of_doom, both of whom were immensely helpful and encouraging.
This is the sequel to Demonic Influence.

( For some reason, Edward seemed to think that because he had proved without a doubt that his stories were true, Alfons would now back him up. )

fake'd to blau_und_goldand x-posted a few times. sorry if you got spammed.
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