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Edward and The Beast Ch 4

Yes I am not dead.... For thoes of you who have been reading this here is chapter 4. It took a while cause my computer was having issues yet again. Enjoy

Links to the first three chapters ch 1 ch 2 ch 3

Ch 4

“Woah…” Ed said as he gazed up at the enormous castle that was sitting right in front of him.

“Is this it horse?” The horse neighed. Edward got off of the horse and grabbed the reigns. He slowly opened the large gates and entered the courtyard. He looked around. The castle seemed so dull. Everything looked the same. It was all the same color. Grey…

“What a depressing place…” Edward continued until he got to the steps of the entryway in to the castle. He tied up the horse’s reigns and continued on his way in search of Ho Ho papa. He opened the large brown colored doors and entered.

“Helloooooooo!” Ed’s voice echoed throughout the castle. He continued to wander the hallways. He found himself on the third floor of the castle still wandering around aimlessly.

“I am looking for Ho Ho papa. Is anyone here?”

Meanwhile behind one of the drapes our Havoc candle stick was attempting to make moves on the feather duster.

“Come out! I want to catch you!”

“Eh? Why?”

“Because I love you maid Riza!”

“But candle stick Havoc… I am not Riza… I am Breda.” There was now an awkward silence… Havoc had no idea that his beloved maid Riza had not been turned into the feather duster. Instead she was turned into a tea pot. A fat teapot. That job would have suited Breda quite well The feather duster was her cleaning product of choice! How come she had not been turned into it and Breda had?

“Aww, man… I keep forgetting that she is a fat tea pot…!”

“ Oh so you are calling me fat now? Well you better quit forgetting, because if you keep coming on to me there will be problems….” Announced the feather duster. Again more akward silence. Edward had just made his way past the curtain that the two objects were behind. He called out once more

“Hellooo I am looking for Ho Ho papa!”

“Is that…?

“It is! It’s another person!”

“Do you think the master will fall in love with him?”

“You Idiot…” Havoc replied as he took one of his arms and burned Breada right in the feather.


“He can’t fall in love with a man, it has to be a girl… I think.”

“Well she never specified what gender they should be…”

“Shut up, find Hughes. I am going to investigate.” Havoc said as he went after the blond haired boy.

“Ho Ho papa! Damn where is he….?” Edward said as he continued up the flight of stairs.

“This place has so many fricken stairs… I wonder where the hell I am now?” Edward complained. He noticed a light shining as he turned the corner of the steps. Hopefully this light would mean that he was getting close to somehting. As he got to the top of the steps he spotted prison cells. That is where he spotted Ho ho papa sitting behind the steel bared door. He looked at him for a minute and the nEd went walking towards his cell.

“So you have finally done it… You have gone insane and got your self locked up.” Ed said happily.

“Edward! I thought I would never see you again!”

“That would have been nice….”

“Please don’t say things like that… you would have missed me so much.”

“No…I wouldn’t have. Anyways… what are you doing in here?”

“Edward listen to me, you need to escape. There is a talking Chimera who is somehow the master of this castle.”

“And…? I have dealt with chimera’s before. You think one that talks is going to scare me?”

“No it’s not that, I want to experiment on it. But it has threteaned to kill me if I try too…”

“So I need to escape so I can’t take over your experiments?”

“Yes now you have got it!”

“Ok what ever, I am leaving. I came to save you… what a waste of time..” Edward said as he turned around to leave his father. As soon as Edward took a step forward he bumped into a tall furry monster thing. Edward slowly looked up at the Chimera’s face. He looked very angry.

“Who are you?!” The chimera yelled.

“Woah, take it easy. I was here to save this dumbass of a father. But since he dosen’t want saved the nI am leaving.”

“You my young friend are not saving anybody. Your father over there is my prisoner.”

“Well then I will be on my way. If you can excuse me…” Edward mumbled as he tried to get past the chimera. Roy would not budge. He looked at the short boy. He was a cute one.

“Well since you have traveled all this way to save your father let me make a deal with you. If you take your father’s place as my prisoner I will let him go, but you have to remain my prisoner forever.”

“Forever? You mean I will never see my father again?”

“You will never see him again.”

“Don’t do it Edward!! I’ll stay you need to get out!! You’ll steal my experiment!!!”

“Shut up Ho Ho papa!” With a sigh Edward nodded his head and replied,

“I’ll do it. I will become your prisoner if it get’s me away from him.”

“Done.” Roy said as he quickly opened Hohenhim’s cell door. He grabbed him by his neck and drug him down the stairwell outside into the garden. He opened a door to a waiting spider looking vehicle. He threw the old man in and slammed the door. Roy hit the top of the vehicle and it went on it’s way to town. Roy went back into his castle to the waiting Edward.

“I’ll show you to your room…”

“No more Ho Ho papa!” Edward said with a smile as he followed Roy
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