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Ed, Al, Winry figurines!!! xD

Just last May 17 I received this figurines from Mom! 8D

I really cant stop posing them since May 20! XD Thats why I've decided to take pictures NOW! xD Good thing I dont have any Roy! ¬3¬

A little bit of disappointment... Al has no Eeeeeears!!! >XOOO And the sign of Alchemy on his left...uhh.....arm? Uck! X.x

First line: My Ed And Al figurines together with our Ed And Al plushie! xD The plushies are from a friend! 8D And Until now... I'm still thankful for it.... ¦3

2nd Line: I told you! I just cant stop posing them!
The last pic was my fav! XD The "New Electric fan!!!" My youngest sis and I sleep together when our electic fan goes "BOOM!" And both of us suffered for a long time sweating sooo much every night...

Pic1: broke his automail again.....
Pic2: Run Ed! Winry's here to kill you!!!
Pic3: Poor Ed.... X3

Talking about Final FantasyI XD Heeheeee~!
The coat was soooo sexy, really....

Last pic: WOAH! Enemy approaching!

And "Have I told everyone that I just cant stop posing them?" Heeheeee This link ( will show something.... "not-so-very disturbing"... Just Elricest! >D
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