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Format: Livejournal and AIM
Genre: AU; Anime/Manga/Video games
Name: City of Cross
Contact: cross_vault to apply; rules and application located there
Website: cityofcross
Minimum Age Requirement: 13, but there are certain situations younger players should not partake in.
Deadline: None.

Specific Requirements: Must be able to use AIM and Livejournal. Must post in journal every four weeks.
Game Description:

Somewhere in the chronicles of modern history, a city centered around a university popped up on the East Coast of the sunny United States of America.

University's always regarded as the place where life starts rolling. The better the university, the bigger the start.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford have nothing on Cross. We don't roll. We slide and glide.

Population: Still undetermined. Transfer applications open.

- cityofcross, A place just like any other City, except for the mass amount of transfer students and citizens from other country's. There is always something going on and someone to meet in the city home to one of the countries largest Universities which has the one of the highest number of exchange students in the USA today. This AU Anime/Manga/Video Game RPG ready for new students for the summer semester or citizen who just want to live an everyday, regular life.

But there's only one problem with that...you can't have a City or University without any of the people that run it!

That's why we need you - got someone who'd do well as a teacher, nurse, student, restaurant owner, stripper, *insert job here*? Then jump your way over to cross_vault and grab the application to fill in. (Pens included.) It's quick, easy and painless. You just need a bit of English and a bit of imagination to get you through and you're all set for the once in a lifetime whirlwind of cityofcross.

By the way, did we mention we have cookies and cake? Of course we did. :)

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