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Chapter 35 Spoilers

Chapter 35 "The Sacrificial Sheep"

- The Elric Kyoudai, Ling Yao, and Winrly are back in Central.
- Ling is dragged off by police.
- The rest of the gang go to meet up with Roy and Riza. Ed asks about Hughes.
- Roy says that everything is fine.
- At the Elric Kyoudai's room, Al comes barging in with the Central Times (the local paper).
- The front page reads: "2LT.Maria Ross to be killer; Murder Case of Maes Hughes."
- Ed and Al go to Winry's room to tell her that they have to go. Winry is confused and yells at them for leaving her.
- Barry barges into where Maria and Ling are being held and frees them.
- Ed and Al run into Barry-tachi while going to see Maria.
- Barry wants to battle Ed.
- Roy comes in and goes insane over Maria. Roy thinks that she killed Hughes.
- Barry and Ling run away after Al takes a swing at Barry.
- Maria Ross. On the ground. Burned. Dead. Killed by Roy. Ed standing over her. Covering his mouth.
- Ed screams at Roy, "What kind of thing is this!! EXPLAIN!!!"

End of Chapter.

Scans of Maria Ross' Death:
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