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(Fic) Distractions // Roy x Ed

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Fanfiction: Distractions // Roy x Ed

Authors: </a></b></a>opposingangels and </a></b></a>lackofpotential.
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Angst, One-shot.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Ed severely needs a distraction and the colonel has decided, graciously, to provide one. Of course, not every distraction goes according to plan.
Warnings: Older Ed with a slightly dirty mouth. “You type a page, and then I’ll type a page,” wrote this fan-fiction. The fragments are deliberate and frequent.

Chalk. It scratched against the floor and made mimicked designs of no real importance. It etched into soft wood and trailed into crevices where splinters had been removed by metal boots. The design was not important. A desperate tool being twisted into intricate circles and symbols danced in a haze of foreign words.

He didn’t know how long he’d been there. The days had fogged into a haze. Hunger had vanished into the pit of his stomach and left a simple gnawing pain as a book from the pile to his left was studied. Metal caressed thinly sliced sheets of tree, covered with drawings that at one time had been words. They were words, but maybe, he was just too damn tired to see the difference now.

A sigh and a hand ran through strands of honey-colored tendrils and tugged. Shades kept out all light, so all he had was a small lamp. The oil in it needed to be refilled, but the teen had no time for that. Therefore, it sputtered and died. Then, there was nothing but darkness. The face of revelation was cruel and a gloved hand lovingly touched the spine of the book he was too tired to read.

There was an answer here… somewhere. There was always an answer. There was always a solution to the mistakes made during a life. Of course, his answer wasn’t working.

The sound of the knock jerked him away from contemplation and he stared at the door wearily. There wasn’t much left. Did it matter? Al was still the way he was. The words ‘cure’ and ‘fix’ had become the only terms he could understand. Nothing was providing the answer to body restoration. Nothing. Such a failure.

“Hagane no?” the voice came and Ed tugged a metal knee up to his chest and hugged the cold of it to him. He recognized the voice and felt a surge of rebellious anger build up into him. Eyebrows narrowed in the darkness and Ed finally moved, hands grabbing the book with metal fingers and throwing it as hard as he could. The book hit the door and shattered. Each page was heard fluttering to the ground in acute detail. However, that’s just what sitting in the dark did to you.

“Ed!” the voice came again and the knock was harsher, more firmly impacting Ed’s small new reality as he glared for a moment into the darkness.

“What do you want, taisa?” another piece of chalk was thrown, and it clinked with a dull thud against the door. In his mind, Ed imagined it shattering into small pieces of white that fell like snow. Snow. A cold thing.

“I want in; why else would I be knocking?” the sarcasm was delivered smoothly and Ed could imagine the smirk that was hiding behind the words. He couldn’t focus anyway. Still, this was far form a welcome distraction.

“It’s unlocked. I’m not stopping you,” Ed shrugged and clapped, staring at the contents in the middle of the circle and then trying another transmutation. He hit the floor hard as the light faded and nothing but smoke was left in the small apartment. It assaulted his nostrils and left him breathless with frustration. Maybe there was no answer after all.

Light shattered his vision the next moment and the alchemist turned at the sound of a doorknob turning. It opened and there was a vague silhouette. Ed’s eyes adjusted slowly and when the bright haze had cleared from blinking gold, his fears were confirmed. The dark blue uniform was in perfect condition; each piece of fabric was perfectly ordered and pressed. Dark eyes looked downward and Edward glanced upwards from his crouch on the floor.

The Fullmetal Alchemist laughed softly. He knew what he must look like. Guard had been easily sacrificed and dropped. How dare he look so desperate, so needy? Lids had closed momentarily to hide sunny orbs. Even had they been open, all that was there was an age that was past what it should be. It was cliché. Blond hair was roughly shoved back in a once recognizable, miserable braid. Loose ends of hair stuck out from the bedraggled mess and Edward knew that they flitted across his face from the draft coming from the open window.

Yeah. He was a mess.

The colonel said nothing after surveying the smaller man for a moment and simply stepped forward. A quick refill and a snap later and light echoed through the room. Another snap. Another. The room slowly filled with light and Edward stared at Roy with an emotionless look as he raised a hand to shove hair out of a pretty face.

“How long have you been at this?” Roy asked the moment he shut the door. The colonel bent and started collecting the papers that had fallen to the floor. Each one was meticulously collected, ordered and then set aside before the man rescued the cover and set the entire mess on a nearby table. His gloves made a scratching noise whenever they were exposed to the rough parchment and Ed bit his lip.

“None of your business.”

Ed tried to stand and winced in pain as his muscles rebelled, auto-mail barely holding him up. Roy did not bother to help; he knew that wouldn’t be appreciated and watched, waiting while Ed found his footing and stretched. Roy’s eyes were unblinking as chalk was collected and the remainder of the books were set aside.

“I guess this means you’re making me stop,” Ed glared. He was too drained to come up with anything clever and Roy turned to face him.

“You’d stopped before I came in. I’m just cleaning up your mess,” there wasn’t a smug look this time and Edward found it disconcerting. For a moment, he hoped for an insult, a taunt or a smirk. It didn’t come. There was just that look. A look of pity.

“Get out,” the alchemist growled, his short form looking upward at the colonel as he stepped closer. “I don’t need this from you.”

Roy looked at Ed in surprise and Ed relaxed as he saw a studying smirk cross pale features. Why did black hair always make people look pale in comparison? That hair… it made-

Lips. Soft and hot against his and Ed’s eyes widened in surprise. It had burned through his defenses in a move that could only have been calculated. The military should value swiftness, my ass. It was slow. A head eased down and eyes had met his. How could he have anticipated that kind of sneaky and underhanded move? Then, the feel of hot breath against his lips and a rough glove slowly touching the side of his face.

Feelings were hard to anticipate and Ed knew he‘d frozen as his body fought to sort out meaning and motive. The Fullmetal Alchemist didn’t move as a hand tightened in his hair, fingers stroking strands between them so hard that he worried about sparks absently. Another hand caressed his jaw as lips slowly leaned forward, brushing softly.

Chaste to begin with but that would never be how it ended. There was too much fire in the older man, wasn’t there? A burning heat and then Ed felt a soft sound leave his lips through the kiss. What was he doing? He was just sitting there. Wasn’t there protocol for this kind of thing?

So, he kissed back.

That hand in his hair tightened to pull his head forward. Deeper. Harder. Too hungry for his own good as it moved from chaste to demanding. The blonde’s knees shook for a moment before locking to keep him upright and he felt it. Intoxicating. A tongue teased against his lips, begging for entry and he granted it. Sanity had not entered the picture yet and the kiss soon became quick and bruising.

Damn it. Mustang was doing it again.

So, Ed pulled away momentarily and stared at the other. Roy’s lips, swollen from kissing, his face, red and flushed, his eyes, darkened, and his breathing, short and steady pants. The colonel didn’t look comfortable. He looked like his composure was just on the verge of cracking. It was a small crack, but still a crack. That smirk remained and there was that hint of a challenge that made Ed growl. Damn him. Damn him. Anger flared and Ed watched patiently as Roy tried to pull himself into some semblance of order.

Someone had once told Ed that the first kiss would freeze time and that everything around him would hold still. They had lied. Ed’s first kiss was hard and fast. It was needy and wanting. It was full of Roy’s breathy sighs and electric touches. Nevertheless, the kiss didn‘t last long. There weren’t any delusional confessions of love between them and Roy doesn’t taste like flowers, strawberries, or cinnamon. Roy simply tasted warm, salty and hot. But, most of all, that first kiss was fast and new. Most of all, it was over too quickly.

“You just kissed me,” Ed said dumbly. He stared at the colonel in shock and touched his lips. There was a faint trace of saliva there, Roy had been a messy kisser, and he knew they must be reddened from the force of it all; Roy had been a good kisser.

“I thought it would be an appropriate distraction,” Roy said. Smirked was clearly the favorite word in his emotional vocabulary. Edward sent a sullen look in the other man’s direction.

“You thought that would be appropriate?” an eyebrow lifted and Edward touched his lips without realizing he was doing it, a vague look of appreciation on his face. Ah. “You’re good at that.”

A ‘heh’ left Roy’s throat and the older man started laughing in his face before leaning forward. A slow nibble was placed at the side of his neck, tongue darting out to ease the pain of worried flesh. Ed gasped and grabbed Roy’s shoulders harder.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he managed to choke out before his mind went blank. Oh, that felt good. A kiss placed inside the hollow where shoulder and neck met turned his whimper into an indignant babble. Oh, yes, that was nice. He could do that for ages. Ed tried to remember why he’d been so outraged at this kind of treatment. If he had to be handled by Roy, this was a fun way to do it after all.

What had he been doing before? Ah… right he was… oh, but those lips were still on him. Kisses were placed on temples and a tongue slowly teased closed eyelids.

“What do you think I’m doing?” a slightly husky voice. It was deeper now and Ed wasn’t sure he recognized it as he lifted a human hand to bury it in short, black strands. “I trust you’re not thinking about working right now.”

Ed snorted and was simply silenced with another kiss. Hot. Why was it that those kisses had the power to reduce him to one word? Oh, tongues sliding together now and a gentle tug as Ed finally grabbed Roy’s hair tight enough to pull him closer. The room wasn’t cold anymore. It wasn’t quite so lonely. Simple contact. Could that have been all it took? Despair wiped away by firm distraction.

“Don’t think,” Roy said firmly and Ed yelped as a collarbone was bitten. “That isn’t what you need to do.”

Shoving the other back, Ed stared at him. That red coat had disappeared onto the floor the moment he’d stood up from the floor. It lay amid boxes, books and chalk. Mockingly. So, he just stood there. Furious and glaring. He laughed bitterly and looked around at him.


“I know,” the colonel said with a sureness that made Ed look up in mild surprise. He definitely shouldn’t have been surprised. The taisa knew everything about him, after all. Wasn’t it his business?

Roy grabbed him by black fabric and tossed him in the general direction of a desk. Ed yelled in surprise, hands reaching backwards to catch himself as the furniture hit his hips sharply. The affect was just as planned. Sleepy eyes shot open and glanced in Roy’s direction as a feral hiss escaped his lips.

“Who do you think you’re throwing around?!” Ed demanded, starting to push himself up from his odd angle on the desk. Hair was flipped into his face as he felt the colonel kick both of his ankles out and grab his hips, sliding him on top of the desk in a shower of papers and chalk. The colonel moved quickly, crawling on top of the desk and making his way carefully in between the smaller man’s legs. Edward tried to squeeze them closed and deny admittance but the colonel had pushed himself in place too quickly. Bastard.

“You talk entirely too much,” the dark haired man commented, a finger moving to bury itself in spider-web strands. It quickly skimmed down each of the braid’s sections before slipping into the tie and snapping it. The sound echoed in the room and Ed looked up, making sure the door was shut and wondering if it was locked-


Now, that felt nice.

Hands pressed against him, stroking deftly as a smirking face watched as his look went from worried to unconcerned in 0.5 seconds. Yeah, that good. Heat flushed against his face and golden eyes met dark ones as Ed moaned and tried to pull himself away. God, hands skimming his waistband and easing themselves easily to meet with hot skin. A gasp left Ed’s lips as he felt Roy grasp him firmly. Too much… too much…

“Hmm. You’re new to this. Fine. I can go slow,” Roy fingered a button and then undid it, hands touching briefly on heated flesh before beginning to rip the remainder of the shirt from Ed’s form. Ed hissed, human hand reaching out to punch Roy hard in the head. The man jerked and gave Ed an annoyed, chastising look.

“Would you stop killing the mood?”

Ed rolled his eyes and kicked out at the colonel, “My clothes remain intact. Now, shut up and get back to what you were doing.”

Kisses trailing up his chest as inch by inch of skin was dutifully revealed. Tongue worshipping every millimeter of pale flesh as Roy watched the complex reactions with mild fascination. Ed was noisy. That hadn’t been a surprise. But, when Ed was noisy and felt good, the usual angry chatter turned into a cascading symphony of incoherent babble. That was a surprise. So, sliding more onto the desk, Roy pushed the smaller being forward and-

There was a crash when Ed’s head hit the desk lamp, sending it crashing to the ground. The lamp guttered, fire catching instantly to the nearest book and burning the pages. The hiss of smoke filled the air and Ed went from looking relaxed and pliant to furious and demanding.

“That hurt! Asshole! I thought you were supposed to be suave!” The blonde alchemist yelled, hair flying everywhere as he sat up and glared.

“Minor set-back,” Roy countered smoothly as he leaned over and managed to make stamping out a fire with one gloved hand look slightly dignified. Ed growled as he watched the colonel adjust his angle and settle back on top of him. And, there. Kissing lips with a comeback for any occasion, a metal finger running across a pale cheek and a human hand trailing up a muscled side. Ed mimicked and kissed, tugged on a bottom lip and licked at the top. Movement was quicker now and Ed groaned as he finally felt Mustang’s hands dutifully pull his shirt from his body. He rose slightly, felt those rough hands rescue the fabric from beneath it, and watched it fall to the ruins of the book and map.

“You a-ah! just got my shirt covered in charcoal and lamp-oil!” an outraged exclamation breathed huskily into the remains of a sloppy kiss. A furious bite was pressed into the other’s lips, leftover saliva still clinging between them as he growled. Some evil, smirking colonels knew just what buttons to push to piss him off, no matter the situation.

“Thank you for the running commentary, but do you really think that this is the place for it?” came the quick response, breathed eerily into his ear.

Shiver. Another moan and a soft flush of words. Then, another shiver. Goosebumps against skin as he sighed, “Again. Do it again.”

Ed reached up and felt his fingers bury into the straps and buttons on the colonel’s uniform. It was frustrating and he was almost tempted to grab the letter opener to his side and just-

Fingers easily prying his from blue cloth and then Ed watched as buttons were slowly undone and ties removed. The blue coat was gone. It vanished to the floor. Of course, Roy carefully avoided the charred mess when his own clothes were at stake. Then, a white under-shirt was removed and Ed was speechless. Maybe it was the intimacy involved in seeing him like this. After all, when had he seen the taisa bare-chested? Never. On the other hand, maybe it was the realization of what really was happening. They were going to have-

The buttons on his pants were rapidly being messed with. A belt was whipped quickly out from loops and thrown, hitting the wall with a dull thud and then vanishing into darkness. The light from the remaining lamps cast on Roy’s face at an odd angle and Ed groaned. That need. He did that. That was entirely his fault.

Oh, smirk. Now that petted the ego.

And then he lifted his hips at the urgings of gloves. Were they going to make love with gloves on? Was fuck a more appropriate word? What was he supposed to say afterwards? If this hurt, should he punch Mustang or just kick him in balls? Auto-mail or no auto-mail?

Pants were disappearing down his legs, being tugged down until they hit a problem: boots. Mustang gritted his teeth and slowly, painstakingly undid each lace until the boots hit the ground beneath the desk and the pants soon followed.

Was it going to happen now? Wasn’t he supposed to be doing something else? Did Mustang just rip that important schematic? Was it going to rain tomorrow? There was a job scheduled, right? And, was that supposed to tickle?

“Stop thinking,” a swift bite to a bare shoulder and Ed nodded, a hand running down Roy’s side as he traced muscles and scars. There were quite a few scars. White stripes that grazed down a well-tanned side and broke in patches. A bullet wound here? A knife here? Ed squirmed downward and watched as Roy remained where he was. An arm had rested on either side of Ed’s shoulder, but the man in question had moved downward until his tongue was able to nibble on skin. Hands worked deftly and he sighed as he heard Roy kick his boots off. Ah, yes.

Then, Roy was pulling him upward and he had that look in his eyes that made Ed afraid for a moment. That look that made him feel like he was being fucked without moving. Distracted again: the colonel was slipping off his pants, sliding them down his thighs and Ed bit his lip. Oh God. This was becoming painful.

Ed surveyed the man in front of him and knew that he was looking with that same, stupid look. That desperate, needy look shifted to the man’s features. It wasn’t his fault. Just touch. Please, touch me but don’t hurt me. That was something that often cost more than anything did.

“Please,” it was whispered as Ed kissed Roy’s forehead and clung to his shoulders for a moment. Roy’s hands were stroking him still, bringing him to that sharp edge where he walked on knives and was left breathless with moans and whimpers and cries. “Oh God… please.”

“Don’t beg. Don’t you dare beg,” Roy said sharply. There was another brutal kiss and then Roy was rummaging in the desk. “Tell me you have something.”

“For what?” Ed asked, lifting his head with a confused look as Roy continued digging through drawer after drawer until he found what he was looking for. Ed studied the object in Mustang‘s hand as the naked man fumbled with the cap. He took a deep breath as he surveyed the other and groaned. Roy removed a glove and Ed barked out, “Lotion?”

“You don’t take orders well. Be quiet,” Roy whispered authoritatively as he coated the fingers of one of his hands quickly and captured the Ed’s cock, sliding up and down the length. Ed was gone, lost in a sea of white as he squirmed. He didn’t care if he looked like a whore, spreading his legs wider to give the colonel more room. Anything. As long as the man just didn’t stop touching him.

Then, it was there and Edward let out a surprised squeak. It wasn’t a sound in Edward’s usual repertoire, but left his lips all the same. Fingers teased at the opening to his body and pressed slowly into the first knuckle as Roy smiled and bent down to nip at a navel, waiting.

“Relax,” was whispered and Ed fought to obey the order. Roy had done this before and Roy knew what he was talking about. However, relaxing was easier said than done and Ed panted out as he felt his body tense up again. Those fingers pressed inward; they invaded and conquered. Ed bit his lip and closed his eyes.

Warmth. Heated breath on the most intimate part of him and Ed jerked slightly, staring. Roy, taisa of the military, had his lips wrapped around his cock. Ego trip, rinse and repeat. Hands instinctively dove into black strands as he lifted his hips to move into that over affectionate mouth. Soon a rhythm established itself and Ed arched his back with an almost painful look darting on his features. Blonde hair had darted into his face and stuck to pale skin with an easy grace. God, a hiss and the kind of pleas that never usually Ed’s lips did: please, harder, more, faster, don’t stop, oh yes.

Roy looked upward for a moment and then returned to his task. That was it; he should not be thinking. He was licking and kissing and hell, Roy had taken enough female lovers that his tongue was skilled. How much different could a man be? Not that he hadn’t taken a man or two. This was simple, a perfect dance of suction and moisture that was easily pressed against hardness. Ed tasted salty and unique. Roy didn’t have any stupid delusions that he tasted like metal. No, Ed tasted human. He was warm and Roy watched as he squirmed, mouth opening in a wordless scream as Roy darted a tongue into the slit and then sucked the moisture from it with a surprising dedication.

His lips added pressure as he moved forward. Inch by inch of ground was gained and Ed let out a whimper as finally Roy relaxed his throat enough to fit Ed all the way inside of his mouth. It would have been sexy as hell. Of course, the fact that he’d nearly choked himself to death made it slightly less sexy. However, his sputtering cough squeezed his throat deliciously around the other’s body and Ed was too far gone to notice.

“Fuck,” Ed screamed, his hips moving upward until Roy pressed his gloved hand against them to still them. He had entirely forgotten the lubricated digits that pressed themselves inside. They stretched and pushed, preparing the other man for something bigger.

Ed whimpered as he felt Roy’s mouth pull away from him and felt himself being shushed by two fingers pressing against his lips. A tongue darted outward cautiously and sampled the tip of a salty finger before drawing it inside the moist warmth of his mouth. Licking and sucking and biting and kissing and nibbling. Roy grunted and watched, mesmerized. Ed didn’t realize what he was doing. If he could see himself, maybe he’d realize that he’d gone from virginal to wanton to downright sexy. Quick study.

The Flame Alchemist panted slightly as he added another finger and watched Ed’s face change from wanting and unthinking to annoyed and uncomfortable. The change was subtle but the way his auto-mail hand tightened on the desk was a not-so-subtle hint that Roy had a few seconds to make it feel good or Ed was leaving.

Roy smirked. His features shifted, eyes closing and leaving dark lashes against pale cheeks as he sighed. Control. Grabbing the blonde and fucking his brains out sounded like a good idea. But, then again, so did not being beaten senseless by hard metal. Fingers brushed absently, like light kisses, against Ed’s belly and the alchemist shifted slowly. Muscles relaxed and Roy heard a moan.

Dragging sounds from Ed was a wonderful thing. It was addicting. Moans and gasps that echoed from that pale throat. He had hair in his mouth and it can’t have tasted wonderful. Roy didn’t bother to remove it. It would have involved effort. If it bothered Ed that much he could pull it out or chew on it all he liked. Ed reminded him momentarily of a cow and Roy laughed, his free-hand running over that heated skin.

Another finger was added and an indignant yelp that drowned out into a moan. Ed’s fingers were grasping the wood of the desk hard and a pale human leg and its auto-mail pair stretched further outward. Mustang took advantage of the room and sighed. Delicate touches and tried patience. He bit his lip as the digits stretched and pulled, dragging another moan from the other alchemist.

Ed was gone. Eyes were closed tight. There was the need to say something and then the burning sensation and Roy’s fingers were in him. They were easing muscles apart that he hadn’t known he had and then-

“Fuck!” Edward’s body tightened and he squirmed, breaking a piece of the table off in the process with a loud crack. Then, there was another crack. And… another? Ed slammed his arm into the desk again. What the hell was that? Something inside him that made all that discomfort seem insignificant in comparison. Ed’s eyes opened for a moment and watched as Mustang smirked, leaning forward and pressing those fingers inside. Over and over and over. God, that man was merciless and he felt that burn that arched it’s way between his legs. It felt so good, good enough that nothing else mattered. Just more of that, more of that, more of that. Give me…

“More!” he croaked out and Ed was surprised by the hoarseness of his voice. He moved a hand downwards, touching his own cock for a moment before it was angrily batted away. Mustang territory only. Then, a harder fingered thrust until he threw his neck back and grabbed the table hard enough to-

“Break the table and I will kill you,” the whisper was licked into his ear and a fond nip was placed in an inner hollow. Ed shivered again and felt goose bumps light along heated skin. Oh, relaxation. This felt nice…

“Fuck you, it’s my desk a-ah!” Ed cried out once more as Roy’s fingers brushed against something inside of him and, suddenly, his entire body was jelly. There was a sigh and he reached a hand up to tug on his hair, pulling himself awake.

“I believe you’re ready,” a gasped out breath and Ed looked up. Roy was disheveled. His hair was mussed and he had a determined look on his face. Golden orbs watched as a bead of sweat dripped down a nose and was licked quickly away by a clever tongue. He was gorgeous. He was patient. He was an evil, manipulating bastard.

Then, Ed felt his legs being lifted and he gave a weak struggle. It was half-assed and the alchemist soon sighed as he felt an ankle being supported by strong arms and assumed the other had been given the same treatment. Oh, this hazy feeling was nice. However, it had a desperate edge to it and Ed groaned.

“Tell me ’no’ if you don’t want this now. I won’t stop once we’ve started,” Roy said slowly. Black eyes looked down with a determined gaze and he looked away. Ed’s chest was streaked with red where over-eager nails had dug into fair flesh. Small nipples were pinched and roughened against a pale, flat chest and Ed looked upward. Those eyes hadn’t ever looked deep like that, wanting like or needing like that. Still, wasn’t it protocol to at least ask?

“Do it,” Ed hissed, his teeth ground together. Bangs clung to his face and he glared as he helped lift his legs and felt something press against him. Warm, hot and big. Then, Mustang moved slightly and it was in him and he heard himself whimper. It hurt and there was a burn as Roy began moving, pushing, sliding inside of him. Inside him.

The blonde’s mouth was held in an open ‘o’ and Roy finally felt his hips rest against the other’s skin. He held himself there, shaking in anticipation. Didn’t they say that fighting equaled foreplay? So, technically, there’d been that tension, that biting feel, for months.

A groan and a slight movement as Ed tried to get comfortable, squirming away from Mustang’s body until the older man held his hips down with a whispered, “Breathe.” The alchemist did as told, drawing in a breath… so damn big… and then letting it out. Slowly, muscles relaxed as Roy stroked his abdomen softly, one gloved hand tracing rough circles over that pale, warm skin. The gloves added some additional feel to it, a tenderness through the sand-paper feeling that made Ed finally relax and then Roy moved.

Roy would have screamed at the tightness if his composure hadn’t been reeled in so quickly. This was sweet. Muscles clenched around him, legs shaking slightly in his arms and it was perfect. This was heaven, nirvana. A personal mecca. Had he ever felt this way before? Maybe, but he couldn’t remember. Another push and Ed responded, thrusting his hips back against him and Roy could have sworn he heard begging somewhere in between a gasped moan.

“Waiting for..” a moan and a gasp left Ed‘s lips and there was a graceless stretching of a human leg and a bang to abused wood. “…a written invitation?”

Roy laughed momentarily. Reprieve. He took a breath, pulling air into his lungs and then thrust. It was harder this time and a rhythm was settled on. Suddenly, his patience was gone and it was simply hard. A rough and fast pace as Mustang slammed into him and Ed was gone. His breath came from his lips in choked cries and moans. Ed was noisy in real life and he was worse in bed, only less coherent.

Wasn’t that the point of this?

Ed was only paying slight attention to anything besides the heat inside his own body. His coat was covered in oil and charcoal, his diagrams were ruined, his clothes were torn, his desk was broken and damn it, he’d had a purpose. It all evaporated. Every additional touch that accompanied a thrust was melting him and turning his skin into a hot mess covered lightly with perspiration. Roy was moving; he slowed up and sped down, he went steady or picked random motion, and he rolled his hips or found patterns that made Ed scream. God, he was doing a lot of screaming.

A lip was bit but the sounds still left. Sanity had left him; weren’t there rules about this kind of behavior? Ah, who cared. A hand closed on his own body, stroking with every movement before Roy repeated the act of removing the hand and replacing it with a rough, gloved one. Another scream left Ed’s throat. Now was the time for half-muttered threats and orders to go “harder or I’ll-” and it was easily obeyed. Roy had tact. Not to mention skill.

Thrust and another scream. Hands moving to bury in black strands of hair and stroke a sweat-covered face. How long was this taking? Each thrust was holding him at the edge, making him moan and scream and writhe and gasp. Each touch made Ed lean into it. Every movement left him weak. A pale back arched into every thrust and then-

Gone. Muscles clenching and tightening as legs urged him closer and Roy was pressing his fingers into hips. It was hard enough to bruise. Did it matter at this point? Ed was coming against him and Roy let out a grunt that couldn’t have been called dignified. Ah, the body was tightening and he stared at every helpless movement as he continued towards his own ending.

Chain reaction. Roy’s neck was thrown back as he fell into that edge with a strange sound that couldn’t have been called a moan or a groan or a sigh. It was an odd noise hidden between ragged breaths as he slammed into the other body. Roy wasn’t loud, but he wasn’t quiet either. His mouth was open, his eyes closed tightly as he finished, thrusting one last time before releasing into the other alchemist’s sated form.

Ed had finished and was panting lightly, a dizzy expression on his face as he stared at the other. He watched as Roy collapsed on him. The man was a mess with sweat and semen clinging to him but Ed hugged him tight anyway. Intimacy was a strange thing. Still, even as Roy untangled from his body and tried not to fall off the table, he couldn’t think to hard on the topic.

It was an odd situation, though. Ed ran a hand through hair streaked with sweat and looked down at his body. He was a mess too. Not to mention his clothes were ruined. Making his way to the dorm in this kind of a state was out of a question unless he could hijack the colonel’s clothes.

“I’m going to sleep,” the words were mumbled against his neck and Ed shivered.

“Get off of me you manipulative-” Edward said half-heartedly. The insult was respectively cut off, but the threat remained and Ed groaned, twisting under the heavier body. The colonel looked like he was about to sleep and Ed shoved at him.

That was about when Roy fell off the desk. The colonel glared upwards, still a mess as he reached for his white under-shirt and began wiping himself clean before throwing it at Ed’s face. Ed snarled and accepted it with a tired, grateful grunt before repeating the action. He was… pleasantly sore. Though he would never, ever, in a million years admit it.

“Taisa-” Ed started.

The colonel started getting dressed, searching for his pants and finding them before sliding them up his legs and going back to searching for the belt that matched it. Following that came shoes and Ed watched with a lazy look before reaching for his own half-torn pants and shoving one leg and then its metal counterpart into the cloth.

“There won’t be any heartfelt discussion now. I’m going to have a nap in my office, shower, and then go back to work. You’re going to go to your dorm, shower, sleep all of this off and then eat.”

Golden eyes focused on the other as a charcoal covered tank-top was shoved on with an annoyed growl. A red coat followed and Ed smoothed his hands over the marks in the desk where his auto-mail had dug in.

“How did you know?” he demanded. Damn Mustang. Damn, damn Mustang. Damn, damn Mustang who was certainly good at… yeah, that. The despair was gone. It was replaced with a hazy exhaustion, but at least that was better than a gnawing guilt.

Roy laughed and turned to the other, finishing the buttons on the dress suit. A hand through his hair and he looked amazingly composed for the situation. The amused look turned to a smug one and then to a smirk and Edward boiled before Roy opened his mouth and whispered, “I know everything.”


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