Lyra Ngalia (lyricnonsense) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lyra Ngalia

Anime St. Louis: Midwest Convention!

I know the weekend of April 20-22 is pretty convention heavy, but I'd still like to invite the community to Anime St. Louis, a three-day anime convention in St. Louis, Missouri.

Special Guests for Anime St. Louis are:
Vic Mignogna
Piano Squall
Steve Bennett 

We've got a 24 hour anime room, 3 tracks of panel programming, ramen eating contests, dodgeball, a bishounen date auction, and pretty much everything else. Bonus? St. Louis is nowhere near as cold as Boston is this time of year!

All the information you need in a nutshell:
What: Anime St. Louis
When: April 20-22, 2007
Where: St. Louis Mariott West
Why: Because we love our anime.


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