seaweed_fma (seaweed_fma) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Gains and Losses- Chapter 12: "Movement" (Havoc)

This is the twelfth chapter of "Gains and Losses". It's Havoc-centric. It's set in the mangaverse. If you don't know what happens in Chapter 38, read the manga first.

Title: Movement
Author: SeaweedOtter
Beta: The winner of "Survivor: Mother" havocmangawip
Characters: Jean Havoc, Maria Ross, and the rest of the gang
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Manga Spoilers... Set in the manga, years after Chapter 38. Definatly AU.
Summary: One has to keep moving- stagnation is worse than what may lie ahead if you continue forward.

Read all the chapters so far HERE!

Havoc wasted no time- the day after they visited the new parents he was already making phone calls and trying to call in favors to get people to help him pack up the last of his stuff and move to Ross' apartment.
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