[::Britt::] (onee_omi) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[EdxWin] Wallpaper [1024x768]

In honor of Chapters 46 and 47!
(And the english release of the awesome (so canny) volume 12)

A wallpaper!
With a few options!

Ah yes. This took a very very long time. o_o Two days actually. A good couple of hours. I hope you all like it. n_n

Wallpaper with text! (font used "A Theme for Murder")

"What Have I Become?" :: [1]
"Please, Save Me" :: [2]
"This is What we Call a Tragedy" :: [3]

Text 1 - "Diary of Jane" - Breaking Benjamin
Text 3 - "Note to Self" - From First to Last

Brush credits : (Found on DA) ;_;
Manga scans by me.
Colored by me.

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