seaweed_fma (seaweed_fma) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Days Past (Roy x Ed)

This was done for the Steel and Sparks community for thier anniversary contest. I was really disapointed that it got absolutely no votes and only one comment.
I guess you guys can tell me if it really is that bad.

Your name: SeaweedOtter
Your username in comm: Seaweed_FMA
Fic title: Days Past
Fic rating: PG (language)
Word count: About 2,030
Light or dark theme: Dark
Spoilers/Warnings: Anime Episode 25 spoilers. Slightly AU but set in the Anime Universe. Non-canon Roy and Hughes back history. (And I of course don't own the characters)

Ed groaned softly when he awoke, blinking as the light of the morning expanded his pupils.
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