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Edward and the Beast... Ch.1

Title:Edward and the Beast
Rating: G or Pg....
Pairing: EdxRoy
Author's Note: Well a little about this one. My friend had given me an idea to write a fic that is a parody of Beauty and the Beast. She herself is currently writing one about GarraxLee and its a parody of the Little Mermaid. So This is my version of Beauty and the Beast featuring people from Fma. I assure you no one acts like themselves in this fic. Well maybe Edward... and a couple others. I do hope you all enjoy my version of Beauty and the Beast Fma style...

Edward and the Beast…

Ch 1

Once long ago there lived a prince in his alchemy transformed castle that was hidden deep in the forest. The prince had everything he could ever want, he could also use alchemy. His specialty was snapping his fingers and making flames appear at a whim. And yet he still wanted more, he wanted to rise to the top and become known for his flame alchemy. But people only knew the prince as being mean hearted and unkind to others, especially people who did not know alchemy or knew very little and wanted him to teach them. He hated people like that.

One stormy night a knock was heard at the door. Standing outside in the rain was a decrepit old woman who needed a place to wait the storm out. She also asked the prince if he would teach her alchemy. Our prince quickly turned the woman away. She said that people shouldn’t be fooled on how well you can use alchemy by your appearance, and he should reconsider. He slammed the door on her face and went back to his duties.

The door quickly blew open and the decrepit old woman changed into a beautiful mini skirt wearing alchemist. The prince tried to apologize profusely and ask for her forgiveness. The woman would not listen to him apologize. He was too late for he had already determined his fate. The woman quickly turned our young prince into a ugly Chimera and handed him a silver state alchemist’s watch. It had twenty chains attached to the top of it.

The woman alchemist said that if the prince couldn’t learn to love another person who had amazing alchemy skills, or who couldn’t do alchemy to save their life before the last chain broke off the watch, then he was doomed to stay a chimera forever. But if he could love another person and he received their love back then the spell would be broken and he would be turned back into a human.

The woman left him with a watch and another alchemy enchanted item. The other item was a mirror so he could see anything he wanted to. Our prince was infuriated when he found out that his servants were also affected by the spell. He went to his chambers and trashed the room ripping pictures off of the wall, throwing tables outside the window, and finally he put the watch in a special glass casing so it would not be disturbed. The whole castle was under the spell and the only way to break it was for our prince to learn how to love someone even if they didn’t have any alchemy skills at all.

“Little town, it’s a quiet village, every day unless something blows up. Little town full of alchemists, why the hell am I singing a song? The people are coming out to sayyyyyy.”


“Hello, Hello Hello!”

“Look there goes the automail makers, with their oil like always, carrying new limbs to sell. Every morning just the same unless someone goes terribly insane in this little townnnn.”

“Good morning.” Edward said with a smile as he entered the bookshop.

“Ah, welcome Edward!”

“I came to return the book I borrowed.”

“Already? You only borrowed it yesterday!”

“Yea, I know. It was so interesting that I couldn’t put it down. Have you got anything new?”

“Not since yesterday.”

“Hmm, well then I will borrow this one.” Ed said as he picked up another book. The title on this book was Human transmutations.

“But you have read it more than three times already!”

“Yea I know, but it gives me all the basics of finding out how to complete a philosopher’s stone and giving my brother back his body. Which I think I can successfully attempt….”

“Well, hopefully you will be able to accomplish it his time and not lose any limbs.” The book shop owner said with a chuckle.

“Oh yea….” Ed mumbled as he grabbed the book out of the owner’s hand.

“Well, if you like the book that much then you can keep it.”

“Really? That’s great. Thanks a lot.” Ed said leaving the shop. He quickly opened his book and begun reading.

“Look there he goes, with his nose stuck in a book. He really is an odd one that Ed…”

“Ah, isn’t it amazing…. That I am still singing. Here is where we learn about soul attachment, but we don’t discover how to transmute souls till chapter threeeeeeeee.”

Bang! A loud gun shot was heard as a duck fell from the sky.

“Ah, can I eat it Envy?” Gluttony said as he quickly picked up the dead duck and stuffed it into their hunting bag.

“No, why do you always ask that? Never mind.” Envy mumbled.

“It was a great shot Envy! More food tonight!”

“It’s not for you Gluttony…. It’s for him” Envy said as he pointed towards Edward who was still reading his book.

“Edward? You mean the Alchemist’s son?”

“Yes, if I can seduce him I can learn all of his father’s secrets and see if he truly is insane… plus he’s adorable!”

“The moment that I met him saw him; I knew that he was that Alchemist’s son! He’s the greatest Alchemist alive and his son should be as wise as his father Hohenheimmmmmmm.”

“Look there he goes isn’t he dreamy? Be still my heart I must be dreaming. It’s him Envy otherwise known as the palm tree…..”

“There must be a reason I am singing this songgg?!”

“I am going to make Ed my brideeee!!!!!!!”

“Look there Ed goes walking with his metal limbs as always. Trying to find away to give his brother Al back his bodyyyyyy. He really is a peculiar one he really is a peculiar one that EDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!”

Ed looked back at the town people as soon as they saw him they hurried and continued on with their daily routines. Ed on the other hand had spotted Envy who was walking towards him with his fat henchman Gluttony. This couldn’t possibly be good for our young alchemist. Envy walked in front of Ed who continued reading his book. He grabbed Ed’s book from his hands and held it above his head.

“Envy! Gimmie my book back!” Edward said getting frustrated.

“Aww, being short isn’t too fun now is it?” Envy said with a smile. He loved messing with Ed.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING SMALL????” Edward yelled angrily.

“Aww, you are so cute when you’re mad.” Envy said handing Ed back his book. Ed grabbed the book and quickly tucked it under his arm.

“Well Edward, I was wondering if you would join me for dinner tonight.” Envy said as he slung his right arm around Ed’s shoulders.

“Uh… no, I don’t think so.” Ed said as he shrugged Envy’s arm off of him.

“Why not?”

“I have to help my guardian, who I shall not name, with some transmutation later….”

“Ha, Ha Ha!” Envy and Gluttony both laughed together in unison.

“You mean another insane transmutation? You couldn’t possibly forget that last one? Your whole house almost burned down!”

“Yea well…” Just then a loud exploding noise was heard coming from Edward’s house. Ed looked over to his house and saw black smoke coming out of the window.

“Damn it….” Ed said as he ran off to his house.

Envy and gluttony just continued laughing….
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