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05 April 2007 @ 03:07 pm
[Fanfic/Drabble Dump!] - Dorochet/Havoc, Ed/Envy, Greed/Archer - R/NC-17/R  
I ran a mini drabble drive today. Here are the FMA exploits.

Title: Discipline.
Fandom: FMA.
Characters: Havoc, Dorochet.
Rating: R.
Genre: Humor.
Notes: Second drabble requested. For </a></b></a>raindrop150. Sort of a sequel to her other requested drabble, Worse Than the Bark, which can be found here. See what you make me do? See?

Title: Oral Fixation.
Fandom: FMA.
Characters: Envy, Ed.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Smut.
Notes: Third drabble for </a></b></a>hieronymousb. Ed, Envy and oral sex. Ambiguous AU. And yeah, I'm not a fan of Freud.

Title: Property.
Fandom: FMA.
Characters: Greed, Archer.
Rating: R.
Genre: Angst? Romance.
Notes: Fifth drabble for </a></b></a>velvet_mace, who efficiently reduced me to a gleeful dork. And yes, I'm still writing Armstrong/Al, fear not. Kimble sneaked into this, sorry, couldn't help it. ^^;

Property )