c_b_syndrome (c_b_syndrome) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[fic]Sit Vis Tecum - FMA/CSI:/CSI: Miami Crossover - Ch 2

Title: Sit Vis Tecum -- Chapter Two
Author: c_b_syndrome/LJ Harris
Rating: PG13 this chapter - R overall
Spoiler Warning: Even though it's seriously A/U... Yes
Other Warnings: Depends on how easily squicked you are... it -is- CSI, after all.

A/N: Oh goody! We get Elrics this chapter! Fair warning, for the purposes of this story, ranks and ages are a bit… off… compared to the manga and the anime. Don’t worry, explanations will be forthcoming… eventually. Just remember this is A/U for FMA.

Eric found himself staring down the barrel of his gun at a short, blonde male who was glaring back up at him with intense gold eyes.

Previous chapters can be found here:Prologue//Chapter One
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