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03 April 2007 @ 11:44 pm
[Fanfic] Ed/Envy - NC-17 - Pieces of a Dream: "After the Afterglow."  
Story Title: Pieces of a Dream.
Chapter Title: After the Afterglow.
Pairing(s): Edward Elric/Envy; nods to Roy Mustang/Alphonse Elric and Edward Elric/Alfons Heiderich; one-sided/platonic Russell Tringham/Edward Elric
Beta: No one, yet.
Rating: NC-17, this chapter. NC-17, overall.
Genre: Angst, Romance.
Warnings: Post anime, more or less consistent with movie canon, violence, gore.
Feedback: Very welcome, please!
Word Count: +/- 1 750.
Summary: This is not what they need. This is not what they want. This is what they have, to build up something from ashes of their dreams.
Author's Notes: I'm going to hell for this, aren't I? And no, this isn't the end yet, two more chapters to go.

Previous Chapters: [ Types of People | The Other Side of Maybe | King of Pain | Like the Wings of a Butterfly | Why? ]

( He hadn’t meant to, despite his own wandering mind, he honestly hadn’t meant to, only it happened and he didn’t really regret it. Sins didn’t regret things, it wasn’t in their nature, because that’d be too much like repentance. )