elanivalae (elanivalae) wrote in fm_alchemist,

*plays around in three dimensions* :D

Poser projects-in-progress, for the interested: My rather amateurish attemps at making FMA characters ^_^ I hope to eventually have these done enough to make some longer animated bits with them (I can make Ed talk, so far, but I don't have enough of the rest of him done to do much more -_-;)

The un-bump-mapped start of what will eventually be Ed's automail. If anyone knows how to make really spiffy bump maps and would be willing to give me some pointers, it'd be much appreciated -- that'd be so much easier than making entire new geometries for it.

My one-hour Roy. Very preliminary, because it's damned hard to make him look male *sigh* >_< Also, I just tossed it on a random Bryce background that I'd made a while back, so there's no particular significance to the scenery. His hair just doesn't show up well against a black background ^^;

A scared-looking young Ed -- from a particular scene, hence the strange lighting *^_^*

Squee, older Ed trauma! :D

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