yixsh (yixsh) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Demimonde (Part One of Two)

Title:  Demimonde (part one of two)
Rating:  PG-13/T for suicidal thoughts/intentions/attempts (XD;;), implied character death, foul language
Pairings:  Roy/Riza
Characters:  Ed, Roy, Riza
Genre:  Drama, ANGSTY ANGST ANGST, Gen
Spoilers:  Nope.  Pretty much TWT.  I'm kinda confused by my muddled timeline too, so I've included a rough timeline inside the cut to straighten myself out for part two.
Notes:  Named by rigella <333 much love for the pretty French, wifey.   Apparently, it means Half World, which I found wangstingly appropriate. :3

And Edward wasn’t jealous, of course he wasn’t jealous of a stupid baby, wasn’t jealous that his family had fallen apart entirely just as theirs finally came together. He wasn’t jealous.

He wasn’t.

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