Kalliel (kalliel) wrote in fm_alchemist,

April/May Fan fic contest at fma_exchange

In celebration of fma_exchange's first birthday, our April/May round is a little different! Where the previous rounds have been closed to members of said community, this one is OPEN - anyone and everyone can participate! The contest runs from 1 April 2007 - 30 May 2007.

Fics must be:
  • written in coherent English (beta-readers - and even a simple spell-check - are your friend!)
  • 1,000+ words
  • FMA-related (obviously)
  • previously unpublished
and must adhere to one of the following prompts (which were created by taking key phrases from all past exchange rounds):
  • domesticity
  • polyamory threesomes
  • The Gate/Truth
  • nothing too raunchy!
  • sexual chemistry
  • alchemy in action
  • solid timeframe
  • human transmutation
  • bad!sex
  • morbid one-sided infatuation
  • uke!Armstrong with verbal foreplay
Your interpretation of above prompts is your own. You can do crack!morbid infatuation. You can do excessively raunchy 'nothing too raunchy!'. You can be as insane or as wholesome as you so choose. Rating, characters, etc. etc. etc. are up to you. In short, anything goes! :D

For more information, please read this post. We look forward to your participation!
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