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[fic] Sit Vis Tecum (Fullmetal Alchemist/CSI:/CSI:Miami)

I blame redrose999 for prodding me to actually work on this. I'd been fighting the inevitable plotbunny from HELL over this crossover for months, and had actually written a little bit on it... then she started posting hers, and I figured that if at least two people were insane enough to think of this, it couldn't be -that- psychotic... could it?

Maybe it's something about the science geekery that makes this a fun cross-over to write.

I've been reading Convergence and I'm not worried about the competition. Our stories are different enough that you can tell them apart, and enjoy them both. Besides, we each have our own styles. You won't get confused ;)

Title: "Sit Vis Tecum"
Rating: PG-13 this chapter, R overall
Spoilers: Very likely. Even though this is seriously A/U, both the anime and the manga are the basis for the story in a somewhat heavy-handed manner.

It's CSI-heavy to start. Fair warning on that.

(Crossposted where I could get away with it)

"Man, do you realize that we’re just a stone’s throw from Area 51?"
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