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Three transcribed eps, as promised.

I'm trying to do requests in the order they were received. Sorry, mercy_slays, I don't have the disc that episode 48 is on yet, but I should be getting it in about a week, and when I do I promise to get it done for you. Ishbal stuff will be next until then, for verie and jalendavi_lady.

I'm pumping these out a lot faster than I thought I would, and I don't want to make a new post in the community every time I add another episode, so you might want to add that journal. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated. Oh! It also occurred to me that I screwed up when I first posted asking if anyone was interested in these by saying subbed instead of dubbed. Apologies, it was late and I didn't notice. Anyway, on to the episodes.

13 Fullmetal vs. Flame
25 Words of Farewell
37 Flame Alchemist
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