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In The Tunnel (cartoon)

Title In The Tunnel with Winty & Scieszka
Artist: Bedlam Boy (see below)
Genre: Adult cartoon
Rating: Hard R? Maybe NC-17, NSFW
Spoilers, other warnings None, really
Pairing: Winry and Scieszka

What really happened while Winry and Scieszka were in that tunnel. Originally an fma_fuh_q entry.

Note: I have posted here before (and thanks for clearning me for membership under the new name, BTW) under a different name... to be more precise, under my real name. If you check out other posts on my lj you may recognize one or two. My new identity as Bedlam_Boy is specifically for adult comics -- in other words, things I don't want to show up if an employer (present, potential) googles my name, as is common these days. The other one is still active to support my more worksafe efforts and my webcomic. Bedlam_Boy will be the site (and identity) for future NSFW (NSF-My Job) fma work, fma_fuh_q entries and some non-fma stuff going up Real Soon Now.

Instead of a cut let's go right to In The Tunnel
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