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Estel Tinuviel

AH needs a Havoc!

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AH needs a Havoc for MustangxHavoc!

There is a slightly different way to apply to play Havoc.

1. Go to the profile page and follow instructions 1-6.

2. Comment on the playable characters entry and fill out this form.
AIM username:
Relative Age (are you in grade school, middle school, high school, college, or have graduated from all schools):
Do you have a problem with yaoi, yuri, incest and/or gay marriage? (a simple yes or no will do):
Can you get AIM for your character?
Which other FMA related communities you are a member of:
How many episodes of FMA have you seen? Have you seen the FMA movie?
Character you wish to play:
Why you wish to play this character:
*Include with this a paragraph sample of your writing as Havoc. It may be typed with the application as a comment. Since you are applying for Havoc in MustangxHavoc, it might benefit you to mention Mustang and/or how Havoc interacts with him.

3. Wait for a moderator to approve your application to play Havoc. We will approve several applicants to move to the next stage of the process, however, so apply even if someone else already has.

4. Once approved, you will be asked to talk through AIM with a moderator and our current Mustang. This is why you must have AIM (this will be on your regular screen name, too, or any sn that you wish to furnish). If you do not have AIM, you will not be considered for the character; if you do not apply and wait to be approved, you will also not be considered. Thus, follow all the rules carefully.

5. The current Mustang will have final decision on who plays Havoc, so you will be notified by a moderator if you are selected.

NOTE: Amestris_High is a mature community, so if you are uncomfortable with sex, language, yaoi, etc. please do not apply.
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