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fma_awards Icontest Pimp

I'm the mod of fma_awards, the 'general' icontest for Fullmetal Alchemist, with equal emphasis and allowance for both manga and anime art and subject matter.

fma_awards has been conducting contests since May of 2004, so almost three years! We're one of the oldest anime/manga icontests still around and we've done almost one hundred and forty themes.

The contest is both exciting and competitive with themes allowing for all kinds of icon makers and styles. Themes are varied and we feature- word themes, concept themes, lyrics, characters, provided images, etc. Although we have over five hundred members, we've actually been struggling quite a bit for entries recently. I thought maybe doing a pimp post to some Fullmetal Alchemist communities would help encourage new participation. I don't think I've done one for over two years. We are always looking for icon makers to submit and banner makers to create awards, but if you can't do either of those we'd love to even have just your votes.

With all that being said, I hope to see those of you who aren't members joining! I'd love to see you all there, in whatever way you can participate.

Thank you very much-
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