sirbartonslady (blueshimmer) wrote in fm_alchemist,

a few more manga icons

(forgot to post this here at fm_alchemits, silly me!)

Well, I ran out of gas early tonight making icons, but I made eight new FMA icons. (I actually made more, but I was a moron and got the dimensions totally wrong, so I have to re-do them).

They are all the same Crack!Icon idea (using manga bases, though I was a moron and didn't save the bases, D'OH!) that I've been on the binge posting lately, so if you're familiar with what I've posted recently.... well, here's a few more.

And just to be ornery, I'm not posting a teaser. :P

( You'll just have to click here to see them for yourself! )

x-posted to hagaren_manga and fma_icons
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