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My ACen FMA cosplay pics!

Got my pictures back today, and as promised, here are the pics! I will probably get more from my friends later, but as of right now this is all I have!
nee_chan as Lust!
Lust & Ed (from the Anime Pavilion booth)
Winry (haro), Ed (abarero), & Lust
Roy Mustang
Roy & Lust
Winry (evilhippo)
Winry (haro), Ed (abarero), & Lust
Ed vs. Lust

I'm a little disappointed that my picture of the group that included Ghetto Al didn't turn out. I will have to get a copy from my other friend. Also, I had a pic of an Ed and Duo together that didn't turn out. Maybe I can find one else where.

If someone has a picture of the Envy cosplayer and the 3 year old Ed, I would LOVE to see them!! ^_____^
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