Caroline (flamemetal89) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Icon help!

I'm looking for a flash icon that starts out with Riza asking "How was your night sir?" than it shows Roy who responds "uhhh..." than it flashes Hughes, Edward, Havoc (I don't know if thats the order) and than Roy says "the usual, busy" or something along those lines and than it shows Riza again at the end. I just had the icon and its one of my favorites but I was messing with it trying to get it to 100x100 so I could use it and now it won't play. So if anyone has it or knows where I could get it I would really appreciate it ♥ oh and also all of the pictures used are from the game Roy and an Incident. 

Thank you so much  <lj user="ranty_rie"> ♥
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