Catie (catystorm) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Pics] Resembool

Now, my friends and I have been joking around for a few months now that we live in Resembool. I mean, I live in the middle of Kentucky, so we've got beautiful rolling hills and horses and all that sort of good stuff. I can see what they're saying but I never thought much of it.

peach_jello, pyroh and I went out driving today, because even if it was overcast it was prettier temperature-wise than it had been in months. We stopped to take some pictures because we always like to.

The back roads around here are gorgeous.

So we're driving along, bopping to whatever j-pop they've got on the mp3 player, when I see something over the hills yonder. I start to foam and we pull off into someone's driveway, because I could NOT pass without taking pictures.

It had gotten more overcast so the pictures aren't as clear as I'd like, but still. Now, I realize the house isn't the same design as the one in the anime, but it's pretty close and just. Yeah.

Here are some nonresized pictures - they're both zooms so the quality isn't all that great, but they're huge. The last one was non-zoomed, from the other side of the road, so you can see how far away the house was.

Angle 1
Angle 2


Now I'm beginning to think I really do live in Resembool... >____>;
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