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[Pic] 'Game Ninjas'

Rating: G - Worksafe silliness
Artist: dragonnan (because SHE won't brag!)
Location: Cowboys~and~Alchemy @ DeviantArt (go tell her how awesome she is!)

Game Ninjas

The first few rounds, Ed was most definitely humiliated in defeat. But his mind never stopped working. With each mistake he made, he filed it away and didn’t make it again. Before long, he was working out moves with complex combinations of button pushes and making Ducky work for his victories.

Each round would last longer and longer before Ed was defeated; and as Ducky worked harder, he concentrated more and made fewer jokes. It made the cramping that was growing in Ed’s left hand a small price to pay.

He barely noticed that the activity around him had come to a halt, as Tom and Reilly watched. He was more intent on the game; and, he realized suddenly, he was enjoying every minute of it. There was a rush of adrenaline when he made the character on the screen move with grace and deadly accuracy, and a feeling of glee whenever he’d hear Ducky grumble at a painful blow.

The final round seemed to have lasted forever; an impasse almost. But gradually, Ed was gaining ground and hit points on Ducky. Both men were intent, sweating and gritting their teeth, rapidly punching buttons on the controls. Their world had narrowed down to just the two figures on the screen as blow upon blow piled up, and “life” slowly drained from the characters.

They were both close to the end. All it would take would be one well-placed hit or kick and the other would collapse in defeat. The scientist in Ed made rapid calculations several moves ahead, and knew what he had to do. A huge, wicked grin spread across his face, and he tapped out the right combination of buttons, hitting the last one with much enthusiasm and a subtle crack that went unnoticed. “Ha!” He shouted as his opponent died on the screen.

Ducky gave a wordless cry of agony, and fell back in the couch. “Nooooooo!” he whined. “My perfect record! Thrashed!”

Ch. Four: 'Rubber Ducks Anonymous' - 'Balance of Power'
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