Avium (code_renegade) wrote in fm_alchemist,

HUGE Doujinshi and anime goods sales

I've been running an online anime store for the past 5 years, and finally decided to close it this coming Friday.

All goods are going for 50% off!

See all products here: http://www.fansdome.com

To get the 50% off, just checkout as usual, but select 'Cash' as your payment method. Please remember to include that you are paying by Paypal and your Paypal email address and I'll send you a new invoice with 50% off the total!

I am clearing out all my stock. This Saturday, I am holding an open house anime goods/doujinshi sales at my HOUSE (I live near Jurong East, Singapore). All anime goods going for S$10 or less, all doujinshis going for S$5 - S$20 each. You are definitely getting a great bargain. If you're interested in coming, please SMS me at 98783063 by Thursday. I will arrange for a meeting place to meet everyone before we go to my place. Please bring cash only!

Singaporeans, please pass this message along for me! I am selling doujinshis from PoT, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note and more! Anime goods all in that range and then some more.

Remember: I am holding an open-house all-goods-must-go anime sale this Saturday, and everything literally must be sold, so if you're interested, SMS me at 98783063 to arrange to meet up on Saturday!
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