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First Post

Two things. First, I have a community called 7rainbowprompts. It's prompt community and there are not FMA claims and I think it's a shame. Check it out and claim whatever you want from FMA (or any other fandom). You can claim pairings, people, places, anything really. So come over and check out the prompts and maybe claim something. As I said, all claims are open for FMA!

Second thing, I have a series of drabbles for FMA and I just updated after more than a year. I'm gonna catch up with the manga soon so there may be a few more drabbles added.

The drabbles are mainly RoyEd, a little EdEnvy, some general, and some humor. I just wanna see what people after over a year hiatus. I'm taking requests so leave 'em in a review or comment.

I hope there's nothing wrong with this post. If there is, just tell me and I'll fix it.
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