it is always 1895 (pinstripesuit) wrote in fm_alchemist,
it is always 1895

Selling- FMA Doujin, Figures, Wall Scroll, Hand-Made Plushie

I'm selling off some of my old FMA merchandise. Everything is in good condition, good prices!

Welt = Bummler by Nozokiyahonpo. Ed, Al, Winry, military. Excellent condition. Gag, all ages. 36 pages. $7 SOLD

Envy trading arts figure, good condition, $5; Hughes figure, good condition, $4 SOLD; Ed trading arts figure, good condition, $5; Scar figure, pretty good condition (missing the fire/electrical stuff that came out of his hand), $3; chibi!Havoc and chibi!Hughes, good condition, $1 each.

Wall scroll, good condition (some very small pin holes at the corner, but it does not affect the image quality), $7

This is something that I made back in 2004-2005, when I really into FMA, and was saddened by the lack of Greed merchandise. So, I made my own Greed plushie. I'm not really into FMA anymore, so I'm selling him. He is 100% hand made, felt and stuffing, with removable vest. ONE OF A KIND $40 $30

For ordering and shipping info, plus check out the sale entry in my journal: [link] I'm also selling more comics and manga and figures, and taking commissions for shirt designs and drawings and paintings. Check it out!

Thank you for looking!
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