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Jean Havoc: A Work in Progress "Breach of Trust" Ch. 42

Title: “Jean Havoc: A Work In Progress”
Beta Team: seven_virtuesand the Sooper Sekrit filter.
Rating: M or NC-17 for “creativity of the Jean kind”.
Disclaimer: I don’t own it... I wish I did. I could BUY my own coffee house, and then my lattes would be free.
Warnings: Spoilers for current situation with Xing characters, current to most recent Japanese releases. Spoilers to Chapter 68.
Sources Cited: Nods to Margaret Mead, an early ethnographer, and love to the British Museum for giving me ideas.
 Impetus: When chapters 38-42 first hit the U.S. I felt there was a lack of Havoc-centric fiction that was accurate and true to what he would be going through with a spinal cord injury.  I sought to remedy that.  I hope I have.
 Go here for the whole thing:

Chapter 42: Breach of Trust
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