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Spectral Concepts

Once again, time to pester everybody

Rules ~ Apply ~ Taken Characters ~ Guide ~ FAQ


Welcome to Trinity City, a seemingly normal place to anyone seeing it for the first time, but there is a few unusual quirks to it. One being the obivious fact that it's nearly impossible to escape from it to begin with. The other is the how 'unusual' some of the residents act sometimes.. But prehaps the strangest thing about this city, is that on some rare nights the people will have vague dreams that feel almost like old and worned out memories. Even though it's impossible that they should know anything of what lyings outside when they were born and raised right in the city.

.. Or so they thought

This is no ordinary place, it is almost like a whole different world in itself. With something unknown just about watching your every move, and using creatures to dispose anyone that seems to know too much; everyone tries to live in denial that there's really something wrong at all in the place they assume they call "home".


This is a multiple fandom roleplay(at the moment only games and anime/manga though, sorry D: ). However there's a catch, primarily of the time you're not actually playing the character you choose. You're playing as their 'counterpart' instead, at least most of the time. All characters are under a strange kind of amnesia and given a fake idenity, and even a false name. The even sweetest character can possibly be the most sour, or the most hateful can be a bringer of peace.

Your main goal is one among a couple of things. First trying to survive is above all. The others is trying to learn who you really are through dreams. And then finally finding a way to get free. Unfortunately none are as easy as they sound when there's things out there trying to prevent that very same thing.

Make friends, create enemies, do whatever it is to get out of there alive. Perferably with all your memories still intact, fake or not.

NOTE: This roleplay is still under heavy amounts of construction. Some rules and other information could change.

((if you like to find out even more and have AIM, you can check out our chatroom by going here))

Ed and Al are still the only ones taken from FMA(Ed on hold for the five billionth time). But there's many other characters open from other things and wanted.
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