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Dante/Roze Darkfic 3/7

Title: Accepting Pain for Love
Character(s): Dante/Roze, Lust
Rating: Light NC-17

Prompt: 3 candle in the window from 7stages
Word Count: 2373
Summary: The long claws pressing against her skin uncomfortably, the sneer of the woman above her-it was almost too much to take. But something inside her was numb, and she didn't squirm, she didn't protest. She just kept her eyes open, refusing to cry, even when the sharpened nails pressed against her so hard she bled.
Author's Notes: mindfuckery (and fuckery), Dante isn't nice, Roze is not herself, and Lust has never been nice.

( Accepting Pain for Love [Fake Cut] )
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