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Anime North anyone? ^-^

I know this question has been asked far too many times, and I apologize for adding more to the pile, but, who is attending Anime North and cosplaying? (and non cosplayers too ^^;;)I plan on taking pictures of every FMA cosplayer there for all three days.

If you are, could you tell me who you're cosplaying as and which day(s) you are planning to go on?

If you're wondering how to spot me, (I for one, sadly won't be cosplaying this year ;~;) I'm wearing a sliver bell charm around my neck (I have no clue what I'm wearing to AN) And most likely, I'll scream if I see an FMA cosplayer. That's another way to spot me ^^;;

If anyone is interested, am I willing to take a few minutes of my time and have a nice and intelligent (please no "Omg, dun u tink Ed n R0y r hawt?!?!?!?shift!1one!) conversation about FMA.

That's all my questions for now. Hope to see you there! (Just in 3 more days! >^^<)
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