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Ad for our new RPG

Blind Enigma Roleplay
You're surfing the web, Opening a letter, examining a strange, glowing object you found on the side of the road. Suddenly, you find yourself groggily waking up in... a graveyard? A strange bag at your side. It has... a small laptop and some money. Sweet. You grab it and run to go show your friends, when you realize... You won't be finding your friends any time soon. What is this place...? You look to your right, a slummy area. You look to your left, nothing but blackness. You feel a strange force that seems to be emanating from this seemingly endless void, so you decide to press your luck and venture into the slums."It's not so bad," you think to yourself as you pass a soup kitchen, a not-so-bad looking motel. It's getting dark... You might need to make that motel home for the night so you can try and figure out what the hell happened tomorrow... As you keep walking, you notice something bright looming in the distance... A castle? No... It's a cathedral. Your pace quickens as you think maybe the cathedral will hold the answer you're looking for...

You can find the rest of the story here
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blind_enigma: Main Community
blindenigma_ooc: OOC Community
blindenigma_log: Log Community
blindenigma_mbs: Message Board Community

It's a brand new multi-fandom RPG. We'd love to see more FMA characters in it, especially Greed and Kimbly so please come check us out! :D