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Manga Book Six Query (Spoilers!)

In the off chance that someone in the community has the manga books and has read through them (my non-translated manga skills are pretty much restricted to going 'Oo, pretty pictures!' and not really understanding a thing), I had to ask:

That, in particular, being the flashback scene of the boys' attempt to resurrect their mother. The manga goes into particularly more detail than the anime during that scene, with an odd trippy scene regarding a door that when opened looks to lead into some sort of hell. Ed doesn't seem to approve, at any rate, what with the black hands and the grabbing and dragging and such. Is that what happened to Al? And just what is that guide person saying?

Questions, questions. I wonder if this is something which the anime will expound on further... It might explain Lust's curiosity regarding Ed. And speaking of which, what was up with the scene in the beginning of tank 4? I *really* need to take Japanese. I think life would be much, *much* better if I did.


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