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"Al" Clips <3<3<3

Well, since everyone was so speculative about the acting prowess and casting choice for the dub VA of Al, I decided to rip a couple clips of Hiro Souma from my Fruits Basket DVDs. Because, well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's the same voice actor. ^.^; Now, people really shouldn't use this to judge completely what it will be like, either, because he's doing Al's voice after he did Hiro's, so he's probably improved. Plus, Hiro's personality is almost the exact opposite of Al's, so... ^.^ Just thought people might appreciate the clips:

01. "What are you, stupid or something; why'd you do that? Don't you have a mind of your own..." [Hiro and Tohru, 267 KB MP3]

02. "Oh, what's this? Since when did the Cat get to be the boss of this house? I mean, what right do you have to come in here yellin' like you own the place..." [Kyou, Hiro, Shigure, 322 KB MP3]

NOTE: The only host I have is Geocities, so you prbably have to right-click or something, and it will probably be down quite a bit, but... -.-;;

Also, just a thought of mine, but I think it's funny to imagine Kyo as Edward and Shigure as Roy. XDXDXD Kyo would be a good Ed, I think, not because he sounds too terribly like him, but because he can spazz so well. And I just love Shigure's voice, so him as Roy... <3<3<3

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